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Apple iPad Mini for 300$ to be Launched this Q3

Apple to release iPad Mini this Q3 as per the report and it is expected to be priced at 300 USD and to be so precise 299 USD. We can see the apple stocks tomorrow after the leak of this news as the entry level iPad will tremendously boost the sales of Apple iPad series once again. But the question is, WHY apple has to go for a smaller size iPad ? They should consider reducing the price of existing iPad 2 which is totally great in performance delivery and already marked a record in sales. iPad 2 is one of my favorite tablet and without doubt, its a favorite for many iPad users as well.

iPad Mini Rumor

ipad mini

Chinese news website NetEase has first brought this news to the web, that Apple is likely to introduce iPad Mini which is expected to fall under the price range between 249$ and 299$.

iPad Mini Price

Currently iPad is the perfect one to let users experience the tablet computing. When we see something in size that stands in the middle of iPod Touch and iPad, then it is very clear that apple want to be no 1 in the small size tablet market as well. Amazon is preparing the new range of kindle fire tablets with better display and performance tweaked ebook reader + tablet to the market very soon, and Apple iPad Mini may give tough competition to it without second thought.

Apple iPad Mini price details rumored are giving good sign that people who wanted to own an iPad can give it a shot under a decent budget than looking for an iPad Alternative.

Why iPad Mini ?

Upcoming Windows 8 Tablets, Expected Amazon Kindle Fire HD Models and Android tablets are giving some strong reasons that apple should consider releasing an iPad Mini that is priced below 300 USD at a smartphone price, and more users can buy and enjoy the iPad tablet experience.

More iPad Mini news to follow, thanks for reading and you may share this post now.

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  1. This is a great news for the people who wants to have that kind of gadgets. iPad is one of the famous gadgets it is a perfect one to let users the tablet computing.

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