Clueful App for iPhone Gives Clue about Installed Apps

Clueful is another amazing product from Bitdefender, which does the job of monitoring all your iOS Apps and tells you more about the Apps that you have Installed and using it every day. This is the only app that learns about other apps which in turn helps you understand about the Apps you are using very well. Now you will know the data accessed by each app and how they treat your privacy as well.

You no longer clueless when Clueful App for iPhone is Installed.

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Clueful is not an antivirus for iPhone and iOS devices. This app keeps all your apps under radar and gives you clues about the way and what type of data it accesses. You can further decide which app is really the best for you and which access your private data without your knowledge. Clueful allows you to configure the way it has to monitor the apps and it starts to learn and tells you what it has learned.

iPhone Apps Security Risks

Apps are the best ways that hackers and attackers use create security problems. When an App Developer has created an App that can bring security problem in future, then failing to update may possibly gives a chance to the attackers to take advantage of it. This is the era of Apps, where we search and find the suitable apps for our tasks that we do using our smartphones.

clueful iphone app

Apps are the easiest way to get what we need to be done exactly as well. So it is not possible to stay out of App Store, and we must give some attention towards the level of security risk that is involved when we install more number of apps on our iPhone.

iOS is one of the worlds secure mobile operating system, still the trouble comes in the way of Apps. Bitdefender has really made a smart choice in bringing Clueful to iOS devices which helps the users to understand the apps they use than ever before. There is no need of surprises anymore with the apps you use. Clueful can help you to figure out the complete way that your installed App accesses your Private data.

Clueful iPhone App

Download Clueful from iTunes store right away or read more about it in the official Clueful App website. Clueful by Bitdefender costs you 3.99 USD which you can download now from App Store.

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