How to Fix WiFi Disconnecting Problem in iOS 9?

It was working fine till i update to iOS 9 on my iPhone 6 Plus. The WiFi starts to disconnect whenever the iPhone goes idle and screen turned off. This was very frustrating as i use WhatsApp Web when i sit at my office computer. Tried to turn off WiFi Assist and 3G cellular data connection. After trying few trouble shooting steps, i have found that the problem sits inside iPhone Network Settings and the only way to fix it is performing Network Reset.

If you know how to reset network settings on your iPhone goahead and do it, which will solve the problem immediately. You can happily leave the phone on your pocket or on the desk and use WhatsApp Web without any WiFi frequent disconnect problem.

fix wifi disconnect ios 9 problem

For new iPhone users who want to know how to reset iPhone network settings and fix WiFi disconnect problem and WhatsApp web disconnect problem, continue reading this article to get step by step instruction.

How to Fix WiFi Disconnect Problem in iOS 9?

There are several WiFi troubleshooting steps available when you google search it, but this simple step worked for me very well and i am able to use WhatsApp Web without any disconnecting issue.

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If you have similar problem then consider following the suggest steps.

Step 1: Go to “Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings“.

Step 2: Confirm it by entering your iPhone password and let the phone restart once.

That is all. You have successfully perform Network Settings Reset on your iPhone running iOS 9. I am currently running iOS 9.1 which is the latest version of iOS released by Apple last week. Once you have performed the Network Settings Reset, you have to Rejoin WiFi network you have at your home or office by entering the WiFi Password to complete Authentication process.

I hope this post have helped you to fix whatsapp web connectivity problem and stay connected and use whatsapp on mac or pc from your iPhone.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers across Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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    1. Hi, may i know which iOS version you are using and your iPhone model number? I have tested this technique in my iPhone, friends iPhone and it worked very well. Thanks.



    1. Ok. I know its going to take some extra work for you, if the Reset Network Settings didn’t help, give a try with iOS 9.3.4 Fresh installation. try it on any one device first and if it works you can download the full iOS 9.3.4 for other iPhone as well.

      Connect your iPhone to iTunes and take backup before downloading and installing a fresh copy of iOS 9.3.4. This should definitely fix the problem with frequent WiFi disconnection.

      Please let me know if that helped.


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