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How Speaktoit is Different from SIRI ?

Android app Speaktoit which was raising fund to become an App like SIRI for Android mobile phones now got updates that really brings great changes and features loaded. There is an impressive highlights to be made when we compare SIRI vs Speaktoit Android Virtual Assistant. Recently SARA claimed as the real competitor for SIRI which we also reviewed here SARA Review and Download Instruction.

It will take some more months for SARA to become a good opponent for SIRI, we got Speaktoit as one of the best competitor and that too works not just in Android smartphones, also for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Sounds interesting isnt it ? You may give a try with this cool app by downloading it from iTunes store for 1.99 USD.


Speaktoit Free Download

Yes, only on this Valentines Day the first 100,000 speaktoit assistant free are no need to pay 1.99 USD for this awesome app .

Speaktoit vs SIRI

  • Speaktoit lets you customize your avatar, so you’re not talking to a faceless circle.
  • Speaktoit can search maps outside the US
  • Speaktoit can update your Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare
  • Speaktoit adds new functionality often (Siri hasn’t updated since launching).
  • Speaktoit speaks what it says (for example, if you search for weather, this is the difference: Speaktoit: “It is 70 degrees in London” vs Siri: “Here is the weather.”). More conversational.

SIRI may get some notable language additions, country support and features in upcoming updates. Among many virtual assistants Speaktoit marks it presence by improving the way it responds, a lot. Apple has said that it is not possible to provide SIRI feature to its older iPhone versions, and we can experience a perfect Virtual assistant now by Speaktoit iPhone App.

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  1. Its really fun and had lots of thing like SIRI, but i dont own a iphone yet. but will soon upgrade to android to apple. i want to know if SIRI is also works when you connected to internet like this one ! ? 

  2. I recently installed Zee – Samrt Assistant from Zahdoo. This has both voice and physical input. Ideal since I cant use voice all the time.

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