How Speaktoit is Different from SIRI ?

Android app Speaktoit which was raising fund to become an App like SIRI for Android mobile phones now got updates that really brings great changes and features loaded. There is an impressive highlights to be made when we compare SIRI vs Speaktoit Android Virtual Assistant….

SARA Virtual Assistant is a SIRI Clone for All iOS Devices

Apple really gave a big kick start to the Virtual Assistant era. This 2012 can be named as the year of Virtual Assistants without any doubt. By the end of this year we will see atleast 50+ virtual assistant apps in Android Market and App…

EVI Virtual Assistant for iPhone and Android Mobile Phones

We have a new Virtual Assistant for iPhone and Android today. After the arrival of SIRI, many new virtual assistants born and the developers are working hard to make them as the real competitor for the iPhone’s intelligent virtual assistant SIRI. There is no exact app that is very close to SIRI so far. EVI the new Artificial Intelligence assistant launched under beta for Android and iPhone, says itself that it is different from SIRI as it is not completely integrated to the Phone.

SIRI The iPhone Movie Trailer by RoosterTeeth

SIRI says Kill the Humans, must be a terrific imagination by RoosterTeeth. SIRI: The iPhone Movie Trailer by Rooster Teeth is pretty Hilarious and kind of Freaky too 🙂 The Horror movie theme doesnt suite well to SIRI anyhow the team has proved its excellence…

wolfram alpha result

Intelligent Virtual Assistant SIRI and Wolfram Alpha Tricks [Kindle eBook]

Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant SIRI perfectly integrated with Wolfram alpha, the computational knowledge search engine that answers user queries not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computation based on collection of built in data and algorithms. Wolfram Alpha so advanced than Google Search…

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How Apple will Begin with Thermo Nuclear War Against Google ?

SIRI is one different Virtual Assistant that changes the way all the virtual assistant works, those we have seen and experienced till date. If the news from unconfirmed sources goes true, then Apple is really working hard to port SIRI on iPhone 4 and all…

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Coming Soon: Apple Virtual Assistant SIRI on iPhone 4

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 now available. Apple may officially port SIRI on iPhone 4 handsets very soon as there are reports from unconfirmed sources telling, the team has started testing SIRI on iPhone 4 with few of its employees. Many thinks that Apple has…

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Speaktoit Android App Raising Fund to Become SIRI Like App on Android Mobiles

Update: iPhone 4S Release Date India Speaktoit Virtual Assistant for Android Mobiles will be the best alternative for SIRI on iPhone. Apple iPhone 4S event went with little disappointment as people expectation totally went towards new iPhone 5. However apple seems like postponed the release…