iPhone Air Concept gives Stunning Design to Next iPhone

Apple has released iPad Air few days ago and people who already got their hands on are loving it because of its thinner and lighter design. Apple really made a huge improvement over previous iPad and people who are using 2nd generation now has a valid reason to upgrade their tablet. Its not just lighter and thinner, the all new iPad Air is very powerful with A7 Processor and better battery backup.


ciccaresedesign has come up with a beautiful design concept for the next iPhone and it is absolutely stunning. iPhone users will love it for sure for its Thinner, Lighter and iPad Air similar design. Just like previous generations, iPhone 5S has got no change in design but inside, it has got some good changes to convince iPhone 4, 4S and previous iPhone gen owners to upgrade. A7 Processor, M7 Co Processor, Touch ID and Improved Camera are some important reasons to upgrade.

iPhone Air Concept

Well Jony Ive should really take a look at this and give life to this awesome iPhone Air Concept. Apple must be already working on the next gen iPhone which may be iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. This concept is so convincing and no doubt that existing apple fans who already own iPhone 5S will consider going for this if this comes into real 😉



Everything has got thinner these days. Apple Macbook, iPad and iPhone may be in the queue too. Reports suggest that next iPhone will have a bigger screen and apple already started working on it. So this type of design implementation will make it even more sexy than just internally making beautiful.

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