iPhone Privacy Warning WiFi Fix, What does it mean?

If you have recently noticed a WIFI PRIVACY WARNING message under a connected wifi network on your iPhone or iPad? and thinking about what the WIFI PRIVACY WARNING means? and searching for a fix? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

You may encounter a Privacy Warning WiFi DNS message on your iPhone or iPad, then here is, what it means and how to fix it. “Private WiFi Address is Turned OFF for this Network” and “This Network Blocking Encrypted DNS Traffic” are the messages users see on their iPhone and iPad recently. Let’s quickly see, what it means also helps you to perform a troubleshooting step to fix the issue. 

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Without further delay, let’s dive into the tutorial. Error message may look like this,

Why I am seeing the PRIVACY WARNING in WiFi?

There are a few reasons that pop this privacy warning message, on the wifi settings of your iPhone or iPad, by clicking the (i) icon next to the wifi account you may see these two common messages:

  1. Private Wi-Fi Address is disabled for this network. 
  2. This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.

Private Wi-Fi Address is disabled for this network.

The first troubleshooting step you need to follow to enable the wifi network is, to go to the wifi network and simply turn off and on the private address toggle to fix the problem. 

This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic.

If you encounter this second message the first step you need to do is to check your router configuration, and if your iPhone or iPad is connected to public Wi-Fi since iOS 14 Apple has implemented some security measures to alert you if there are any poor security trackers implied.

This privacy tracker feature on your iPhone and iPad will randomise your network address when your phone is connected to public wifi. It makes user profiling impossible so that no one can pinpoint your search results and websites you browse. 

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To resolve the issue, 

  1. First, check your router configuration
  2. Set a strong password
  3. Monitor your wi-fi network status for any suspicious device connectivity. 

Follow these safety practices that I have mentioned above to fix the issue.

I hope this article helped you to fix the iPhone or iPad WIFI PRIVACY WARNING message. Thanks for reading and if you find this post useful, do share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Someone facing a similar problem will be able to fix the WIFI PRIVACY WARNING message on their iPhone or iPad as well.

Here I also attached a video tutorial for a clear understanding, Have a wonderful day!

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