“Charging Not Available” Liquid has Been Detected Error in iPhone or iPad?

If your are seeing “Charging Not Available” – Liquid has been detected in the Lightning Connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone, then you should Stop using your iPhone further. It needs serious attention and immediately turning off is the correct way to further dry out those liquids from your iPhone or iPad.

charging not available liquid water iphone ipad tips fix

Using iPhone or iPad when you see Error Message “Charging Not Available – Liquid has been Detected” will cause permanent damage to your device. So avoid using your iPhone or iPad, and immediately follow the below suggestions to dry out liquid.

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Charging Not Available – Liquid has been Detected Error

Stop using your iPhone or iPad, when you see such Liquid has been Detected error message. That’s the very first step you should follow and continue with the following steps to fix the problem.

Clean the Charging Cable:

Clean up your Charging Cable and you may use Hair Dryer or keep it just outside under a Fan for few minutes to let it dry. If sweat or by any chance, water contact happened to the charging cable, this could help cleaning it up.

iphone ipad liquid clean charging cable

While using hair dryer, remember to use it with moderate temperature and gently wave to dry the small water drops or any moisture presence. Too much heat will cause damage to the Lightning cable.

Clean Charging Port:

If there is any water splash or dropped your iPhone recently in the water, then it is very important to put the iPhone in Rice Bag or Silica Gel Packs (Amazon) to dehumidify or remove moisture content from the inside of iPhone or iPad.

iphone ipad liquid silica gel packs

Important: If you are planning to put the iPhone or iPad into Rice Bag, don’t put it directly. Remember to cover your device with a thin cotton cloth, to prevent any fungus formation due to rice particles entering into iPhone or iPad charging port. That could cause damage to your logic board in future.

iphone charging not available lightning port

Trying to clean it with Hair Dryer could damage or push the water even further inside to your device logic board.

Even if you haven’t dropped your iPhone or iPad in Water, Lightning cable that had water contact or sometimes a splash or spill of water on the device could have entered into the lightning port. Totally our bad luck of-course. Some people even after soaking their iPhone in water for several minutes, luckily don’t see such messages.

Based on Water Density things could work out really bad for us.

iphone ipad charging not available liquid hair dryer

How Long it Takes to Dry iPhone and iPad?

Should I keep my iPhone for 1 day or 1 week?

Normally, if you are using Rice Bag or Silica Gel Packs to dehumidify or remove moisture inside your iPhone or iPad, it could be 1 or 2 days. You don’t have to keep it inside the water for more than that 48 hours normally. If the device was working normally, then the water damage could be minimal and these 48 hours is enough to remove any water in iPhone or iPad.

If there is too much water or the device didn’t turn on at all, after the incident, then rice bag or silica gel packs may not be helpful at all.

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What If my iPhone is Not Turning ON?

If you have AppleCare+, getting a replacement of your iPhone or iPad is the only way to go. Else, I am sorry. nothing can be done for severe water damage to your device.

I hope this video tutorial help you to Fix Charging Not Available, Liquid has been Detected Error Message in your iPhone or iPad. Feel free to share this post with your friends at Twitter and Facebook, to let them Fix if they face such problems.

Have a wonderful day.

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