Facebook Search and How to Protect Your Privacy?

Facebook Search has got even better in terms of features, but when it comes to security, it has got lot easier for anyone to search your public posts and profile information. Facebook posts search feature introduced an year ago, but it was limited to friends profiles. Last week Facebook extended its Search feature and now every facebook users posts that are posted with Public permission are searchable by anyone. There is no need to delete your facebook account when there is a quick way to fix this privacy problem.

Every single post, photos, videos you upload are now accessible to global audience and you should consider spending couple of minutes to take control of your privacy and profile data. Also learn How to manage your Facebook Timeline effectively?.

For content publishers, journalists and celebrities, this new feature addition makes their content more popular and reach wide audience. But for individuals who want their contents to be seen only by their friends, have to make some changes in facebook privacy settings to protect their content and privacy.

Facebook have made the settings and privacy controls a lot easier and continuously tweak them to make it even better.

How to Protect your Posts from Facebook Search?

Facebook Search update now adds all user accounts posts, photos and videos that are set with public permission while posting the content. You may noticed a globe icon located before “Post” button with a list menu options as “Public”,”Friends”,”Only Me”. More options further allows you to customise which specific friend or friends should see and comment on the post or photo you upload.

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You can use this feature here after to take control of the contents you post. It is not possible to visit every post and change the permission of it by clicking on the list menu arrow located at the top right corner of each post. Facebook have made it easier for you to change the permission of posts you have made with its bulk permission change option.

Go to “Facebook Settings -> Privacy -> Who Can See my Stuff? -> Limit the Audience for Old Posts on your Timeline

facebook search privacy tips

By selecting Limit Posts feature under Who can see my stuff, all your old posts permission will now be changed to “Friends”. This bulk permission change allows all your old posts to be seen only by your Friends and this restricts anyone who is not your facebook friend to see the photos, videos and posts you wrote.

Twitter is very popular for its search feature that allows us to see any public tweets in a second after it got posted from any part of the world. Facebook Search expansion now makes it more powerful and definitely rings an alarm in search competition. Even the search engine giant Google and Microsoft’s Bing will face tough competition when more users discover the benefits of new Facebook Search.

You may enjoy more contents and watch videos posted recently by someone who is not in your friends list with this ultimate facebook search feature. Also, spend few minutes in protecting your Privacy and know what you post on your facebook account, which is very important etiquette.

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