Mackeeper Halloween 2012 Discount Coupon Code 20% OFF

Update: This discount is expired. We have some best free and paid mac cleaner apps, software for your mac os x computer. Take a look at them and decide which on you want to download for your macbook, imac and mac mini to boost speed and performance.

Update: Mackeeper recent reviews from various sources claim that it acts like a malware. So we like to recommend you to read cleanmymac 2 review from macpaw and go for the best cleaner app rated positively by existing users.

Mackeeper Halloween 2012 Discount Coupon Code brings you 20% OFF from the original price. Mackeeper is one of our favorite software for Mac OS X that has some really useful collection of tools and utilities in it, to Optimize and Boost the Speed and Performance of your computer. Mackeeper 2012 also has a built-in internet security software to protect your computer from all known internet threats, which is ofcourse rare on Mac, still found essential to install one. Using an Antivirus or Internet Security software that gets updated frequently is one important good security practice.

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Mackeeper is a must have software for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac. It is compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion OS X and Mountain Lion OS X as well. You can do a fast clean up anytime you wanted to free up some space in your hard disk. Mackeeper also has tons of other built-in feature that lets you keep your mac completely clean and get more free space as well.

Mackeeper Under Top 10 Antivirus in the World

Mackeeper is the best antivirus software for mac without any doubt. It is one must have software that lets you keep your mac clean and secure as well. That really made mackeeper as one of the best antivirus for mac and ranked it under top 10 antivirus software in the world.

mackeeper coupon

Above is the price details of Mackeeper 2012 with Halloween discount coupon code applied. You can purchase it right away by clicking on the following button which automatically applies the coupon necessary to get you the 20% exclusive promotional offer. Get your mac computer one performance booster software today, mackeeper just works as it promises and i am using it every day to clean some temporary files and manage the apps on mac. Uninstalling is now clean and complete with mackeeper. There will be no software created temporary files and data left in the system. So You can make sure that the computer is clean completely after uninstalling some apps you have installed previously.

Halloween 2012 Promo

The following Coupon code is valid from October 25th, 2012 till November 04, 2012.

We have this exclusive mackeeper halloween promo for you today. Just get the 20% exclusive offer from the following link. Thanks for reading and Have a great day !

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    1. Hi, We are sorry that we didnt update the validity of this halloween coupon code in the article. This coupon code will be valid from October 25th till November 4th, 2012. you may use one of our regular mackeeper coupon to get 20% off on your purchase.

      Get it Here:

      Thanks for your interest in Mackeeper and we are very sure that you will enjoy the speed and performance optimization after started using mackeeper.


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