“Not All Contacts Were Deleted” in iPhone, How to Fix?

Are you unable to delete contact in your iPhone? Not all contacts were deleted read only message pop up is all you are seeing? One or more of the contacts may be read-only error can be fixed following the troubleshooting steps given here. iPhone contacts are not ready only by default. When you have iCloud Contacts enabled, all your contacts are uploaded to iCloud and stored safely.

You can delete any contacts in your iPhone and the same will be updated to your iCloud account, contacts app.

not all contacts were deleted read only iphone

Unfortunately, some users mess up their contacts accounts in iPhone by downloading contacts from their Social Media accounts. When users move from android, they use their Google Contacts in iPhone to easily move all their contacts from android to iPhone.

Not All Contacts were Deleted Read Only Error

Initially, it wont be an issue. But over the period of time, I did notice that upload of contacts that we create in iPhone sometimes failed to be stored in Google Contacts.

To avoid such problem, I suggest our users to consider iCloud Contacts only. Move all your contacts from Google Contacts to iCloud and later, if you are moving to android, you can again move the updated contacts to google contacts again. This saves us from worries about missing any recently added contacts.

Let’s focus on “Not All Contacts were Deleted and Read Only in iPhone” Error message and Fix. The possible reasons are,

  1. If you have imported contacts from Facebook or any other social networking apps to your iPhone and when you delete that contact, you will see the error.
  2. If the contacts were stored in SIM Card, which was a feature in some networks with regular feature phones and android phones. You have to move contacts from SIM memory to your iCloud account. That is another possibility to see the error “Not All Contacts were Deleted and Read Only” message when you try to delete them.
  3. You tried Deleting Contacts from “Phone App – Contacts” and you are seeing the same error message.

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How to Fix Not All Contacts Were Deleted and Read Only in iPhone?

You know, the reason Why you are unable to delete the Contacts by now. To fix this problem, all you have to do is,

1. Go to “Settings – Contacts” and select any third party logins you have added to import contacts in your iPhone.

You can verify the Contacts sources by going to “Phone App – Contacts – Groups” at the top right corner of the Contacts page. There you can manually select and deselect any contacts sources that are imported to your iPhone.

When you deselect all the sources (like iCloud, Google Contacts etc.,) and if you are still seeing any contacts present in the Phone App – Contacts page. Then those contacts are stored in your SIM Card.

2. Delete contacts from the app that you used to create this contact. For example, If you created a contact using whatsapp within “Create Contact” or Add to Existing Contact” option. Then open whatsapp, go to that chat window and navigate to “edit” and try deleting the contact from WhatsApp.

I hope this helped you to Fix Not All Contacts were Deleted and Read Only Error Message in iPhone. Thanks for reading and if you find this post useful, do share it with your friends at Twitter and Facebook. Someone facing similar problem will be able to fix the iPhone Contacts unable to delete issue as well.

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  1. Managing the contacts or transferring them to another brand’s equipment are usually the headaches that Iphone owners always complain about. I personally love the brand, but there are things that can be improved.

  2. I do not use the iPhone, but I know that the iPhone has more features than phones like Samsung, etc.

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