Steve Jobs may Live 6 Weeks Only, Says National Enquirer

Its a big shocking news for every Apple fans. The Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs seems like counting his days due to his cancer severity level. I hope this must be a rumour as there is no official information from much valid source. National Enquirer has published a picture where steve jobs looking so thinner and perhaps more ill than ever. One of the staff from enquirer followed him from breakfast to the stanford cancer center to take few snaps from behind.

Dr. Gave Mirkin and Dr. Samuel Jacobson have said, that he has only weeks to live based on analysis of the photos taken recently. The lines mentioned in one of the famous blog Gizmodo gives better relief and we hope that this time Enquirer must be wrong.

No one knows why he was there—no one has seen the medical records. The Enquirer is also wrong a lot—especially when it comes to proclaiming that celebrities have mere weeks to live. (Patrick Swayze, God bless him, beat their gruesome prognosis by a year. Kirstie Alley and Oprah will both be dead in a couple years by the Enquirer’s reckoning.)

God bless you Steve Jobs. Apple fans across the world expects to see him back in action. Even i am waiting for his next release of Apple Mac OS (Lion) and believe it will happen as per the next planned schedule. Lets have a hope.

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