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TheAppBuilder lets you build an App in minutes for your iPhone, Android Mobile phone and Windows Mobile Phone. The simple and stunning home page interface takes you through several steps to get your App ready to be launched on your iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile Phone. This again comes as a Free iPhone App Builder or a Free Android App Builder, still you must check out the pricing tab on the website, to know the limitations that Free accounts will have. If you want your App on iTunes App Store or in Android Market, then you should consider upgrading your plan to Standard which costs you 29 USD per month.

  • Create iPhone Apps for Free
  • Create Android Apps for Free
  • Create Windows Mobile Apps for Free

TheAppBuilder Free Account


That sounds like a normal price when you can make thousands if your App becomes popular in App Store. There are some interesting features enabled for a Free account too. After creating your First App for your smartphone, you will be too excited to see how it performs in your mobile phone. You can get Unlimited RSS Feeds, Youtube Videos, Web Pages, Twitter and Facebook integration, Contact Info sharing, News Displaying, Photo Galleries addition, Even Calendars and Lists as well.

This is really a plenty of features that comes totally free when you create your first app for iPhone, Android or Windows mobile phone.

You can customize the Tabs and Rename or Reorder them to make it appear unique and great on your smartphone. Another interesting feature is, you can Insert and use your own Logo with Splash Screen and Content. This is really a great choice for webmasters and bloggers to create their first free app for their weblog or website.

TheAppBuilder : Mention What Type of Things you want to see on your App


TheAppBuilder : Hungry for More Flexibility ?


Sometime ago, we wrote an article “How to Create Android App for Free” specially for bloggers to build their free android app and publish it in android market and generate more visitors. But, theappbuilder is something extraordinary startup and without any doubt, this will grow huge in coming days. As anyone can create a free android app, create a free iphone app or create a free windows phone app, and

  • upload Android app to Android Market
  • upload iPhone app to iTunes App Store
  • upload Windows App to Windows Phone Market Place

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

this will become a huge success without any second thought. If you are a blogger or a person like to start creating your first app for smartphone, then start it right away before someone launch an app with the concept that you have in mind. TheAppBuilder is here to help you create a free mobile app and if you find that will become successful, then you may upload and start making money by selling your apps.


When we performed a test to create our first free app, we encountered a server error and notified Theappbuilder team about the same. So we can expect this service to be working and back to normal soon and do share your views after creating your first free app for your mobile phone. Thanks for reading and its time to share this post with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Google+ friends.

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