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10 Reasons to Buy Premiumpress Themes Today

Update: We have updated Premiumpress Coupon Code page and now you can get 50% discount on theme purchase.

Premiumpress Theme for online money making considered to be the best working method i have found so far. Starting a blog and writing may not be suitable for many, and creating a website that serves contents on specific niche will be the best choice many times. That easily gets famous and brings so much crowd, if you have some quality content around. Let me list some working techniques that can get so much traffic usually.

  • Site that serves video tutorials, how to on specific categories (like DIY, Tech Events, Cooking, etc.,)
  • Site that serves discount coupons, coupon codes, best deals and reviews
  • A Directory website that constantly works to build more quality links.
  • Shopping website to sell your products
  • Real Estate Website for your Business
  • Classifieds website to list various items that you want to buy and sell
  • An Auction website that helps people to buy items for low price

Everything can be done when you choose a theme from premiumpress. It is not just about buying a template and installing it on your wordpress platform. Premiumpress Themes are more than that.

premiumpress free upgrade

  • You Get FREE Lifetime Upgrades
  • You Get FREE 24/7 Quality Tech Support
  • Instant Theme Download
  • FREE Extra Child Themes
  • PSD Files for the Theme you Purchase

Premiumpress Themes are well designed and easy to customize that comes with Rich SEO and above said features loaded. Here i am writing 10 reasons why Premiumpress Themes Rocks when it comes to Instant Online Money Making method today.

Reason #1: Responsive WordPress Themes

Premiumpress recently updated all their themes at store to Responsive Designs. All their themes now comes with HTML5 + CSS3 Designed and very flexible with latest wordpress version. Your premiumpress themes will load and look beautiful on your visitors mobile devices, tablets and any size of computer screens. Responsive Shopperpress, Responsive Couponpress, Responsive Realtor Press, Responsive Directory Press and every single theme they have in their store now upgraded to Responsive Design.

Reason #2: No Hiring Business

If i want to start a real estate website, coupon website, directory website, or a shopping website, then i may need to hire a web developer to start from scratch or based on some famous open source platforms. When i have WordPress, the worlds no 1 secure and reliable platform for blogging, why should i think about any other platform to start my website ? With some basic HTML, CSS and PHP skills you can manage a wordpress site very well. Premiumpress themes come with 1 minute website setup assurance, where you can start working on your website (customizing and optimizing) it from the minute you purchased any of premiumpress theme.

So i dont need any web developer and shell out thousands of dollars for a website with tons of features and that too comes with free lifetime upgrades and lifetime support.

Reason #3: Installation and Setup of Website Takes Minutes

You can setup your money tree in just 2 minutes or less than that (if you and your computer works faster 😛) seriously, any theme that you purchase comes like any other wordpress themes, and just upload and activate inside

WordPress Dashboard -> Appearances -> Install Themes.

Your website is ready and live now. All you got to do is, customize it easily with the theme control panel inside dashboard and make it unique. Drag and Drop features makes it so easy further to setup your website even better.

Reason #4: SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

One of the best SEO Optimized wordpress themes that helps you to start your niche based business right away. WordPress by default is great and one of the well seo optimized platform as you know. To add more value to it, Premiumpress themes do have more seo focus to each of its theme and you will experience it from the moment you start using it on any of your website.

Reason #5: Web Developers First Choice

Premiumpress can be web developers first choice, to build a quality website quickly and that your client says WOW ! as you can deliver it quickly with amazing features and customization. It is always must to focus more on security than just about designing. Hence, wordpress always gets quick updates and upgrades. Premiumpress do get quick upgrades like wordpress do, and thats the reason existing users get a chance of using all those new features simply by upgrading the theme from their Dashboard updates area.

If your client wants shopping feature to be integrated separately in their existing website, then you can use shopperpress to suite your home website themes by choosing from the extra free child themes by premiumpress. You can save time and earn better too.

Reason #6: Payment Gateways Integrated for E-Commerce Websites

This makes many web masters and people who want to build a site that has membership functionality to easy. You dont have to spend hours on integrating the payment gateway on your website to let users pay for membership or purchase products from your shopping website.


Premiumpress themes comes with some famous payment gateway services seamlessly integrated and its ready from the moment you installed premiumpress themes on your wordpress website. You may add more payment method support by downloading plugin suggested by premiumpress as well. Recently they have integrated OKPAY that lets you do wire transfers, e-currencies, money transfer systems, phone payment services on your e-commerce website.

Reason #7: Excellent Customer Support

Whatever the products that you purchase online, it is important to think about the support as primary one. If the customer support is not good, then no use of product being so attractive or great. Mark Fail, the developer of Premiumpress themes listen to every one personally by replying to emails that reaches support desk. Premiumpress Ticket based troubleshooting also there and accessible by VIP Premiumpress Members only. Response within few hours or minutes is what i have experienced till date. That really helps us when we screw up something with our website and the visitors unable to access the pages. So anytime email support is one best option that they provide for lifetime.

Reason #8 Premiumpress is Unique and Get Fast Upgrades

There is no equal or competing theme service provider so far to stand against Premiumpress. There are themes out there which lags support, features, and upgrades, when it comes to premiumpress. The entire concept is unique and suites well for your website making idea. They currently provide the following scripts to let you build instant websites on,

  1. Coupon Website – Couponpress
  2. Shopping Website – Shopperpress
  3. Movie Website – Moviepress
  4. Directory Website – Directorypress
  5. Auction Website – Auctionpress
  6. Classifieds Website – Classifiedspress
  7. Real Estate Website – Realtorpress

and we do have an exclusive 30 USD premiumpress discount coupon added to each of the theme link provided above. You can save almost 70% from the actual price of 199 USD per theme.

Reason #9: Hundreds of Video Tutorials

Premiumpress has a great video gallery that gives you great exploring opportunity to the themes that you purchase today. You don’t have to keep on writing for tickets even. Simply get a video material to solve your trouble and that is why, many who buy premiumpress don’t use ticket support even. Their queries solved through the premiumpress video tutorials in maximum case. Here i am adding one sample video of it.


And Yes, its official now, that premiumpress version 7 latest release is about to be launched with so many new features loaded in it. All the existing vip premiumpress customers will also get a chance to download it absolutely for FREE. Mark Fail, himself introducing the theme to all existing and new customers of Premiumpress.

Reason #10: Premiumpress Coupon Codes

We have a 50% Premiumpress coupon code for you to save on your next business website theme purchase. For a limited time, we are bringing you an exclusive premiumpress promo code to get you super savings on any wordpress theme you purchase through us. Visit Premiumpress Coupon Codes page today, and get your wordpress niche theme with huge savings.

What are you waiting for ? You can Instantly Download the theme right after your purchase. Choose the theme from above links and start working on your website today. Thanks for reading and do share your views in the comment below.

If you like to see a review of your Product, Software, Theme in our blog, you may write to us [email protected] to get it reviewed here.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Your review is good, but I was a customer of this Premiumpress’s AuctionPress theme and was totally unsatisfied with their products and support. First of all, they don’t address any technical issue you post in their general discussions. I unfortunately lost my Avantage ID, hence they didn’t help me regarding any technical questions I posted about their theme. I have been trying to set up a successful website with their theme over the last 3 years, but all their updates seem to fail badly and lack the basic of theme stability and reliability. In my opinion this theme is just fit for kids to play with; or for people who want to say ‘I too have a Auction Website!!!’. Please waste your time and money with this theme, it is not any investment.

    Source: Myself, an un-satisfied customer of PremiumPress.

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