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Watch TV Online Free in Desktop and Mobile Phones

How about watching instant TV Shows, Flash news and some special events at your convenience, in office wifi, work place or home ? Whenever we search in google for “watch tv online” , “watch tv online for free” then we may end up in some spam websites, that prompts for downloading some unknown application or driver file in your system. To avoid any such issues, here a website that lets you watch free news channels and other commercial channels (right now its limited) as well for Free of cost.

Mundu TV is actually the website, that provides you an application for your desktop and mobile phone to watch free tv online. The service is currently in beta and yet to announce the pricing of channels.

You can watch all the channels supported by mundu TV anywhere, 24×7. Simply download the application on your Internet-enabled (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiBro, LAN and Broadband) mobile/desktop.

mundu TV can be downloaded on your mobile phone irrespective of the service provider you’ve chosen. Switching channels or controlling volume are such easy tasks. You got to take that call or run an errand? Do it. Pause live TV. Finish your unfinished business and mundu TV will start from where you left.

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    1. THERE IS AN ANOTHER WEBSITE SBP TV ..but its little slower then mundu TV …however i didnot find any thing where i can see ESPN , COLORS , STAR TV ETC

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