12 Best Skype Add-ons to Improve Your Skyping Knowledge

The famous free video calling service Skype not just a software that we use every day to stay in touch with our friends and family. The Skype Add-ons makes it more than that by adding lot of features to this one amazing all time favorite Video chat software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. This widely used free PC to PC video calling software recently merged with Facebook to bring video calling feature to the social networking giant.

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As it is well know that Skype refers to the cheapest video calling facility which can be made available on PC, laptops and even mobile phones. It comes with some great video chatting facility, cheaper calling rates and many other features that will lure you at the earliest stage.

Benefits of Skype Add-Ons

The Add-ons or extra tools that you install along with the Skype software on the system allow you to customize your calling options and related activities. It may be about syncing your contacts that are placed on different online accounts and even mobile phones. In fact, Skype API develops the Extensions to give you more freedom and flexibility while enjoying the online calling facility.

Need of Add-ons to Improve Skyping knowledge

There are millions of people that are using the Skype on their cell phones or tablets for video calling and chatting purposes. But they are hardly aware of the extensions and extra tools that can be installed along with the Skype to enjoy more facilities at large.

12 Best Skype Add-Ons Ever

1. Fring – It allows the consumer to chat with people on many networks. It can be simply assumed like using your IM on multi network basis. This is a freeware.

2. Synqit The software allows you to sync all contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Plaxo and Outlook to your Skype account. This is very handy and quick tool to depend upon!

3. Professional version of Pamela The program offers you plenty of choices that you look for in your daily life. some of the great features and facilities it provides to you are setting reminders, video mail, call or chatting or video recording, auto chat reply, personalization of contacts, answering machine and Skype Publishing at large.

4. WhiteBoardMeeting A creative extension which allows the users to see each other drawing graphics and they can also share them at the same time. Insertion of text messages and drawing of vector graphics are also available.

5. RemoteX this application facilitates you with viewing the other user’s desktop. He can also see yore’s at the same time.

6. Pando The application has facility to share your files and folders to your Skype contacts. No doubt, it will also create URLs for all the folders and files you like to share.

7. JiWire Hotspot Finder With this program, the user can find any Wi-Fi hotspot in the world and thus; it becomes easier to map the local places in hotels, restaurants and other important milestones.

8. Townkings A real life map based community which invites the user to schedule the meeting in the local surroundings. Free dating, meeting widget, eBay trading and single communication are all available.

9. Blubell It offers you facility to control your account with the Bluetooth headset.

10. Skip2PBX – It will create a communication infrastructure without bringing changes to your landline setup. PBX and VoIP services are integrated here.

11. uSeeToo Sharing of text messages, graphics and photos becomes easier with the contacts.

12. Anothr This is a client-based RSS reader that will alert you at your favorite feeds.

Summary – Skype is great calling software which allows the users to chat or call at cheaper rates all over the world. But without Add-ons, you will lose many things and customization features. You should install some extra applications to enjoy video calling!

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