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Digg has released its Google Reader Alternative as Google will shutdown its Reader this June 30th, 2013. Digg Reader is one of the best answer if you are searching for Google Reader alternative. AOL has recently launched AOL Reader which is super fast and simple to use. After the announcement came from Google officially about the shut down of its users crowded Google Reader service, Feedly and many other RSS Reader services got huge number of new signups. People moved their saved RSS Feeds from Google to other third party services using their “Import Google Reader” Feeds feature.


AOL Reader and Digg Reader also has this feature to let Google Reader users migrate all the feeds safely. Google has good number of users for its Reader service, still it has to shut it down because of declining usership. There is also a report that claims, that google ending ceremony to its reader service is to avoid problematic compliance issues related to privacy.

Digg Reader Invite

Digg is not currently opened for public registration. You got to request an invite from digg.com/reader. I have requested it couple of days and got it today. They are rolling out invites to users very quickly for those who requested one. Simple and a Clutter free design makes me feel and say, it is far better than Google Reader 🙂 and thanks to Google for shutting down their service.

Digg Reader will be successful without any second thought. The reason is, its already popular with its serving daily stories which are popular and trending across the web. Millions of readers are using Digg in their browser, mobile and tablets every day. Digg.com and Digg Reader will be the best for you to stay updated and read your favorite stories happening around the world.

Digg Reader for iPhone and iPad

Today, 28th June 2013 digg has rolled out an update to Digg App for iPhone and iPad to add the Reader service. So if you have already got an invite from Digg then you can see all your imported RSS feeds in your Digg App.

Have you requested a digg invite ? What do you think about the all new digg reader service ? Its quite buggy but will be alright when they release the final stable digg reader to public. Thanks for reading and you may now share this story across your social networking pages. Have a wonderful day !

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