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These days everyone on the big web is on the hunt for awesome tools to search new domain names and domains availability. Domains are the basic building blocks of the internet. If you ever feel like starting your own website, the first thing you will need is a domain name. There are lots of domains registrars available out there, which include, GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap and a lot more. You can get 3.99$ OFF (WHO IS PROTECT) with coupon code. We do have some interesting hosting tips for you which can read here,

Web Hosting matters a lot to make sure your website stays online all the time, and your business not affected with lots of downtime. You should choose a quality web hosting than a cheap hosting service. Get an affordable webhosting to make sure you get best sales and technical support. Maximum hosting companies provide excellent sales support but not the technical support. So beware and choose a web hosting that is affordable and provides very minimal downtime. Each prices their own charges for a domain. But when it comes to searching names for domains, it becomes a tiresome job.


We can choose any domain name and extension. That’s up to us! But choosing a good brand name is a hard name. The name has to be unique and not taken already. Most of the people tend to quit starting a good branding because of the lack of good names. I have actually come across such persons! Quitting the idea of a startup because of the lack of startup names is a bad idea, truly.

What is Domize ?

Here is where Domize comes to the rescue. Domize is a pretty cool and nifty tool for webmasters and bloggers that will help them to search for domain names available with ease. Simply head to and you will be amazed to see the simplest design ever. Though it’s simple, the way it works is really amazing!

What makes Domize special ?

Unlike other domain search tools, Domize provides with a few domain name suggestions that you can make use of. If you are searching for a domain name related to technology, Domize will also suggest you some cool names related to the name you type in the box.

The available domains are shown in blue color while the ones that are already booked are shown in red color. If you find a good name in blue and would like to buy that domain quickly before anyone else does, just click on the blue colored link and you’ll be taken to GoDaddy to register.Or alternatively, you could head to any other domain registrar of your choice and register this domain for yourself.

Will Others Know my Search History ?

One of the most coolest things with Domize is that, it will never ever let the others know the list of domain names that you searched for. The domain searches are secured with SSL technology and none else will ever find out the list of domain names that you searched so that you alone can make use of the domain names.

Do I Need an Account to Use Domize ? Charges ?

Here is yet another reason to use Domize. Domize doesn’t require one to sign up. All you need to do is to head to the website and start typing all the names that pop in your mind. And also, the website is completely free to use and you need not pay any money.

Are you on the verge of hunting a domain name to start a website ? Better make use of Domize to make your domain search process a lot more easier and fun. Check Domain name availability today and get your website up and running.

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