5 Basic Metrics in Web Hosting Selection

Hosting a website is such an easy task now a days. We have tons of providers to pick for hosting and buying a domain name. It is not an easy task to find a perfect Web Hosting Service Provider. Here i have 5 important points to remember that are Basic Metrics in Selecting a Web Hosting for well performing, faster website or blog.

If you are new and want to buy a web hosting, then this article should be a good start.

basic metrics web hosting selection

1. Survival:

Ensure the hosting company have good experience in webhosting by taking who is look up on the website domain name. You can do that by visiting any Whois Domain Lookup service. For example, here I took Whois.ws website for carrying out this task. (DomainTools)

It should not be the case, after hosting our website the provider vanishes without any intimation.

2. Reviews:

This is very important one must consider to pick the best host. So take some web hosting discussion blog or forum support to complete this task. The existing customer review is the abstract of the QoS(Quality of Service) provided by the hosting company. Ensure you read atleast 5 to 10 users review about a particular host. Remember, google is always your friend. You may take Google support to search for some existing reviews about the host.  There are websites like Webhostingjury, webhostingtalk(my favorite ) and many.

3. Speed:

Ofcourse, if your website have good traffic then the server must be capable of serving the pages faster to the requesting users. Many webhosting companies keep their own site accessible faster to the visitors. so dont come to conclusion that the server provided by the hosting company will be the same. Try to ask for Trial account for 10 days or as per their convenience. Once obtained take the IP address or Domain name you bind with them, and perform the speed test. Some Speed test services are Pingdom Tools, Web PageSpeed Test, Vertain, theSEOTools.

4. Support Level:

A must have service by every web hosting provider. Without support its very hard to survive in the Business today. Normally the hosting providers offer online and offline support levels.

– For Online Support check the availability of the support person in the website and response time.

– For Offline Support the provider must be using Ticket System. So give a try on submitting a ticket as a enquiry to see their response time.

5. Pricing:

Once you shortlisted few websites with the above 4 steps now go for pricing comparison. Be sure with your requirements.

  1. How much Webspace you need ?
  2. How much Bandwidth you need ?
  3. Database and FTP Account limits etc.,

Never trust with the host that plainly says Unlimited everything. In that occasion check their ToS (Terms of Service and Conditions) Clearly. Possibly the Resource usage might be the problem later. So ensure you are not jumping in the wrong pool.

Looking forward to hear from you through comments .

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