How to Increase Website Loading Speed to Get More Visitors ?

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Google keeps changing its algorithm; therefore all the webmasters and designers are in quest of an appropriate method in order to have enhanced Web Page Load Time. It is always required to have a good loading speed for a website so as to generate more traffic. This also enables the website to get indexed by Google frequently. It also leads to develop the site’s Google ranking. Quick browsing and fast website loading is the best experience that you can offer to your visitor. It is a verity that well performing website enjoys good number of visitors. Therefore, website loading speed is a backbone of any successful site. There is no point in embellishing your website with good images and colors if it is slow loading.


Internet user gets irritated when this issue erupts, so it is always advisable to take care from the very beginning when you start with the mockups/PSD.  There are a few tips cited below that you must incorporate while designing your website. This will give a proven result with increased loading speed.

Reduce the Usage of Image and Flash in your Page

If you include more images in your page, it will take longer time to load the page. It is obvious that images are really very appealing when you especially highlight or promote your product. Images really appeal to the customers, but at the same time it is also important that your page gets loaded at faster pace, otherwise the visitors would get frustrated and ends up closing your website. So, it is always recommended to have minimum images in order to speed up the loading time. Whatever images you are using, it should be of smaller size and insignificant images should be eradicated.

Use CSS and Java Script Files

It is recommended by experts that the use of external CSS and Java Script files reduce the loading time of a web page. The size of the file is greatly augmented if it is coded within the web page html itself. The creation of the external style sheets and Java Script Files lower the page load time. Suppose, if you have several external style sheets, you can combine them into single style sheet so that the web page will have to select only one file instead of choosing many. We recommend you to use MaxCDN to optimize and get the best website speed and performance. MaxCDN Coupon Code is an exclusive offer that we like to give you which you can find in “MaxCDN Review and Coupon Code” page. Serve Images, CSS, PHP files and any other static files from Cloud and see how it improves your website speed overall just like it did for our website 🙂 Get 25% Maxcdn discount coupon code here.

Cache WebPages

Caching is the most important aspect that allows the computer browsers preserve resources. When you look for the same information second time, you do not have to wait long because the PC already has cached versions of the pages. Additionally, it subtracts the loading time and hence makes your site more responsive. Also watch a video from Google Webmasters team, which will help you to understand the importance of Page Load speed and some more tips to increase it.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″][/youtube]

A quicker page load time really pleases the visitors. Users will adore visiting your site again and again while you can have blessing of increased ranking.

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  1. Blogging was my passion over the
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  2. Great boost for my sites. At least now i can understand why my site has been so slow. Thanks for sharing.


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