Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android with Anti Theft Protection

Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android does more than protecting your mobile from latest viruses and malware attacks. It has one power Anti Theft feature that allows you to track the thief through GPS, also secretly take pictures of the thief and upload them to web where you can access via a web based control center and this helps to find the mobile again. Currently Kaspersky Mobile Security is compatible for Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.0.

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kaspersky mobile security

It is not just the smartphone sales that is growing tremendously, on the other side, hacking incidents are also growing. Hackers started to target mobile phones and the recent statistics shows that 81% of mobile and social networking users are targeted that increases the cyber crime incidents world wide.

Antivirus software has become more essential for PC or Mac and when you own a smartphone, then make sure to check about the hacking possibilities for your mobile os platform as well.

Antivirus only helps you to some extent to protect your mobile phone from web based attacks, viruses, malwares and phishing attacks. It is so common these days that we browse internet via mobile phone for various reasons. We use Apps or the default mobile web browser to check mails every day. Your mobile device is becoming a place where you store your Passwords, Bank account details and other sensitive information. Lets explore the features of Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android.

Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Antivirus Protection on Android prevents viruses and spam from infecting your android smartphone when you browse your favorite websites and read mails. The Cloud integration in kasperksy performs scanning when you have downloaded some apps from Google Play or from any third party sources. Kaspersky Antivirus also has a feature to run scheduled scans that allows you to setup antivirus scanning, whenever you find its convenient time to do.

Block Calls and SMS on Android

Another added feature with Kaspersky Antivirus for Android is call and sms blocking facility. You can Block unwanted Calls and SMS Text messages from specific numbers easily.

Privacy Protection

Protect your privacy by defining what others will see and access when they pick up your mobile phone when you are not near. You can hide messages from specific numbers until you can view them. You can activate private mode in Kaspersky Android whenever you wanted. This also has three different options such as Manually, Automatically and Remotely.

Anti Theft Protection

Lost your android smartphone ? If you have Kaspersky mobile antivirus installed in it, then it will be easy to track stolen android phone than never before. You dont have to file a blind complaint in your nearest police station. Install kaspersky antivirus for android and start submitting the thief pictures taken remotely and uploaded to web, which you only can access using a web application. The GPS Tracking facility also tracks more information when you have marked your android phone as stolen or theft.

Remote wipe feature lets you remotely delete your Pictures, Data and all the other sensitive information you have stored on your mobile phone. This becomes advanced solution to protect your expensive android smartphone.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for android today and bring all the ultimate features that you wanted for long time to protect you from Viruses, Malwares, Spywares, Web Attacks and Theft.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    Personally – I was wondering the other day when a company with a product like
    Kaspersky will exploit the mobile market – And tabloid for that matter. Thanks for
    mentioning the great update – Will be sure to check the product out as my wife
    tends to be an android fanatic.

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