HOW TO: Remove DNS Changer Trojan From Your Computer ?

There are still many computers infected by DNS Changer and FBI has issued a final notice to remove DNS Changer from infected computers or be ready to loose the access to Internet from that computer. If you are not sure what is DNSChanger is all about, then let me give a simple explanation to help you understand about it first. DNS does the job of helping computers to talk to each other by translating the Domain Names (ex: into numerical IP addresses (ex:

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As we know every domain name has an IP address and DNS helps to resolve the domain name to correct IP address. This process can be interrupted and the Internet User can be diverted to another IP address which will exactly looks like the web page that the user is trying to view. Which lets the malicious hacker to gain the username, passwords, financial records, and any sensitive information from the user easily.

This is what exactly DNSChanger Trojan does and FBI has announced some easy steps and solutions to check dnschanger trojan infection status in your computer and also to clean them if its infected. Maximum countries are in the list which got infected DNS Servers and those computers will not be able to access Internet from July 9th, 2012.


dnschanger removal

Here we have some of the websites and easy solution to help you scan your computer for DNS Charger infection status and help you fix that as well.

Scan and Remove DNSChanger

You can also find more removal tools from DCWG website that helps you to Scan and Fix infected computers. Also make sure your Antivirus or Internet Security software that you have installed on your Windows or Mac OS X is recently updated and performed a full system scan. Define a policy to allow few applications to access through your firewall than completely turning it OFF. Turning OFF the Firewall is not a good idea at all.

Thanks for reading and you may now share this post to help your friends to check their computer and make sure they are accessing Internet after July 9th, 2012 and able to chat with you like before.

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