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6 Beautiful Ubuntu and Gnome Black Themes

Ubuntu Black themes for you to decorate your ubuntu desktop totally to great. If you been looking for Ubuntu themes black color to change the look of your desktop, then you have come to the right place. Whatever operating systems we use, one day we get bored with the default theme or style present in it. To make it more pleasant while working with the computer, we need to do some color, wallpaper, font changes etc., The way the task bar, title bar and window panes appears needs some changes. Especially Linux users. If you are a ubuntu desktop user then here i listed some of the black (dark) themes i found across internet which might be interesting for you too.

Click on the title of each themes to take you to the desired download page with the description. Also ensure there is some extra guide available in the theme download page to correct some font related fixes or guidelines.

Mesmerized developed by juanfgs0 and based on Aurora Midnight. The developer gave a good appearance with the progress bar and tree views plus few more changes.


Fedora Dark developed by juanfgs0 and the theme based on Nodoka and best for black color lovers.


Overglossed developed by TheRob, some font problem exists with this theme but it can be fixed by the authors guidance in the download page.


Slickness Black developed by TheRob again, he developed some pretty looking themes so far. Give a search in Gnome-Look website too.


Murrina Limelight developed by fredericorama, and i can rate him as a good designer. check out this theme and you will get the same feel too.


Blue Joy from hamdi, feels professional and best looking theme.


And remember you always have Gnome-look and Kde-look website to check with various themes, logon screens and stuffs. Enjoy using linux !

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