HOW TO: Root any Android Phone Easily without PC ?

GeoHot the popular name among Playstation community and iPhone jailbreak is back, but this time he targeted android and came up with one brilliant tool to solve one mostly asked android rooting help. There are some standard procedures for most of the android phones when you search for how to root an android mobile phone. Well that wont work for all android mobile phones and limited to certain versions only. Main reason people go for rooting is to make some system level changes to an android device, just like an administrator account on Windows Computer. You can modify, change any settings and files of user accounts in that particular system.


If you are using a carrier locked android mobile purchased from AT&T or Verizon you left with no option. But not anymore, Geohot released a tool named “TowelRoot” that allows you to root most of the android mobile devices with one tap. All you have to make sure is, the device runs unpatched version of Linux kernel.

You dont have to follow any complex steps or even connect to your computer to root your android phone. This simple and powerful tool to root an android phone does it completely within your android mobile by downloading an .apk file. Linux hacker pinkie pie recently disclosed a Privilege Escalation and DOS Attack vulnerability (CVE-2014-3153). This is the current linux kernel version on most of the android mobile phones. Geohot used his recommendation and came up with “TowelRoot” utility which uses that vulnerability and exploits the android phone to gain root access.

How to Root Android Easily without PC ?

TowelRoot is tested with some popular carrier locked devices such as AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 Active, LG Google Nexus 5 and Xperia series phones as well. Lets see how to root android mobile using TowelRoot easy and quick.

Step 1: Open the browser in your android mobile and visit, install the app by tapping on the “lambda” symbol.


Step 2: Proceed with the installation and you may see a warning message that says “Towelroot contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s Security”. Select the checkbox “I Understand and still want to install it” and Tap on Install Anyway.

Step 3: Wait for few minutes and Towelroot installation will be completed. Then launch “Towelroot” app in your android mobile and tap on “make it ra1n” to begin rooting your android mobile phone.

Step 4: Device will be rebooted and you will see the home screen. This shows the rooting is completed successfully and bootloader unlocked on your android mobile.

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So far this has been tested and found working on many latest android smartphones. If you have installed and successfully rooted your android phone, do share the model and android version of it in the comment box below. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and followers across social networking websites. Have a wonderful day.

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