Google Search Relevance Meets Real Time Results

I was searching for Apple IPad in google and surprised with the real time updates in results page. Google now displays the results along with the tweets, bookmarks shared by users across the web in real time. The scroller keeps on moving to share the current sharing that happens in internet for the term that you are searching right now. This ofcourse has some negative, where users will get some abusive word containing updates – IF there is no filter or delay in the stream.

[youtube width=”639″ height=”386″][/youtube]

The updates are happening from social networking, bookmarking and blogging sites. Especially from Twitter and Backtype.

Source: Google Blog

About the Author: Robin C

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  1. I too like this new addition @Arafat 🙂 Yesterday there was some glitches in accessing the real time search option of google. It didnt display actually. i thought google disable it for some reasons. But today its back on track.. 🙂

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