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Connect.me Invitations, Reserve your Name now

Connect.me is your social connections in context. Its a new service about to me launched for web users. There are some info available in Connect.me about page. However there is no exact info about connect.me web service. what it is going to offer and how the site going to be etc., The about page has some promising information filled and hope to see a great another Social Media application to compete with the existing rulers.
We’re not YASN — we’re a better way for you to manage your connections and a better way for online communities to discover and connect to each other.We believe privacy, control, and portability are requirements, not features.And we believe there is a better way to connect you to businesses without spying on your data.We’re part of a much bigger story of what’s coming in the semantic and social web. We’d love to share more, but we’re in ninja stealth mode and would regrettably have to kill you.

Here is an invitation to get connected using connect.me . Have fun, meet you there.

Connect.me invitation

Reserve your connect.me username http://cxt.me/cRI7pg


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