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Zoolz is a cloud storage service that is used by millions of Android and Windows 7, Windows 8 users already. It simplifies the way we store files in the cloud and anyone who wants a cheaper cloud storage options can consider Zoolz. You can effortlessly store all your Music, Movies, Photos and other important documents in a high secure encrypted cloud storage servers and access them wherever and whenever you want. Zoolz saves you lot of money by cutting the necessary of buying secondary storage drives.

We have the zoolz review for you today with highlighting important features of both Zoolz Home and Zoolz Business plans. This article will definitely help you to find your best cloud storage service today.


Once you setup Zoolz in your Windows PC it automatically starts to backup all your files to the Cloud Storage Server and you can access them for lifetime from your Computers and Smartphones. Select which folders you want to backup to the cloud from your Computer, Network Drives and any External Storage Drives and let Zoolz take care of automatically taking backup of all your selected files, folders.

You will also asked to setup a Password to access your files stored in the Cloud with AES 256 bit encryption. You have completed configuring Zoolz and you can start accessing your files from Cloud Storage by visiting Zoolz My Computers webpage.

Zoolz Coupon Code

Update: We have updated the links with latest 18 June 2019 with New Zoolz Offers and Discounts. Enjoy the benefits while protecting your data.

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Zoolz Review

That’s how simple and easy it is to setup Zoolz in your Computer. Zoolz Cloud Storage service may look like Dropbox but whenever you delete a file from your local storage that is configured to Zoolz Backup, you can still access it from Zoolz Cloud Storage. The files that you delete locally are not removed from Zoolz Cloud unless you delete them too. So there is always a backup of the file stored in your Cloud account and you can retrieve them whenever you want. This helps you from saving storage space on your local drive as well. You can bulk upload documents, videos without worrying about file sizes and it is not necessary to keep the copy of it in your local storage.

How to Recover Deleted Files ?

Well, if you have deleted the files from your local storage drive to free up some space and store new files, Zoolz cloud backup will still hold the copy of it. You can restore it just by visiting your Zoolz Cloud Storage account and download the files to your computer hard drive. To download the files, you will receive an email to your inbox that contains a link to download the selected files from your Zoolz Account.

This makes sure your files are 100% safe and secure with Zoolz Cloud service. They currently offer two plans called Zoolz Home and Zoolz Business. The first plan is very well suited for Home and Home Offices environment. Business plan fits well for Professionals and SMBs who wanted more Flexibility and Management on their Cloud Storage account.

Lets explore some of the feature highlights of both the plans.

Zoolz Home Review

Zoolz Home plan is an affordable and cheap cloud storage option for anyone want to store their files safely and securely in cloud. You will be given a software to install in your PC and configure it in few easy to follow steps to start backup process. You can connect your External backup Drives, Network Drives that are connected to your Desktops, Laptops. It is completely an automatic and secure service to backup all your music, movies, documents to cloud.

No Backup Limitations

There are no bandiwdth limitations or file type limitations like other cloud storage providers, Zoolz has no limitations and you can upload any file types with full upload speed that your internet service provider offers. All files are protected with AES 256 bit encryption for better security and file integrity.

Are you a Photographer ?

If you are a photographer looking for best cloud storage option to backup all your photographs to a safe storage device, then you can opt for Zoolz Home Cloud Storage backup. The web software also has Photo Preview option to preview all your uploaded photos. You can upload it in RAW format and the file will be stored as it is without any compression or modification to the original data.

Schedule, Filter and Download Anytime

Zoolz Home plans also comes with some interesting features. You can schedule the file uploads and filter files easily with its search option. There is no speed limit when it comes to Upload and Download. Your ISP bandwidth is the only limit here and Zoolz let you use its full potential of your Broadband Speed for File Transfers safely.

What is that Lifetime Storage means ?

There are no specific date or terms and conditions to sign for Zoolz Lifetime Cloud Storage. Its Truly Lifetime for all your uploaded files. Zoolz Cloud duplicates your file copies and store it in multiple servers for easy and faster access. Reliability is one important factor with Cloud Storage providers and Zoolz governs it very well.

Zoolz Cloud Pricing

Family – 1 TB / 5 Users

Store Price: $79.99

Our Discount Price: $59.99

Download Zoolz Home Edition

Basic – 100 GB / 1 User

Store Price: $14.99

Our Discount Price: $11.24

Download Zoolz Home Edition

Plus – 500 GB / 3 Users

Store Price: $49.99

Our Discount Price: $37.49

Download Zoolz Home Edition

Unlimited – Unlimited Storage / 5 Users

Store Price: $199.99

Our Discount Price:$149.99

Download Zoolz Unlimited Edition

Check Zoolz Home Pricing page for more details.

Zoolz Business Review

 Zoolz Cloud Storage with its ultimate technology ensures your digital data are 100% safe, secure and you can access it from anywhere, anytime. Zoolz Business has Tribrid Backup technology, Enterprise Level Backend Core, Excellent Web Software integration, Handles Big Data, Easy Deployment, Powerful user Management, Keep your Clients in Track, Completely Private and Secure Collaboration. These are the powerful reasons that you should consider Zoolz Business as your Cloud Backup Storage.


Businesses that operates in multiple countries need some smart technology in place to make their digital presence powerful and run business smoothly. Zoolz with its powerful business cloud storage technology works for many multi national companies very well. Companies like Oracle, American Red Cross, Rolls Royce, Microsoft, IEEE, DELL and many more are using Zoolz Cloud Backup for their every day business digital data requirements.

Deployment of Cloud Storage

When you take Zoolz as your Cloud storage choice, deployment is very easy and you dont have to wait for days, months to get a perfect cloud storage option for your company. Zoolz Technical support team will assist you once you are on board.

About Tribrid Backup


Tribrid is the next generation of hybrid backup technology and zoolz has it. You will have more control over your data that has to be uploaded to cloud storage. Tribrid offers three storage types Instant, Cold and Local Storage. You can select where the backup should be made based on data type.

Security in Cloud

Each file you upload in Zoolz Cloud Storage is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption. This military level encryption standard ensures your data are safe and for business accounts they transfer all your data to secure, reliable Amazon S3 servers. All done with proper security and encryption. There will be no transfer of data without encryption in place.

As it an enterprise level requirement Zoolz also deals it the same way. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple data center servers across globe to ensure better availability and faster serving each time your client access the files.

Full Mobile Access

Zoolz offer mobile apps to access uploaded data securely from your mobile devices, smartphones, and iPads. Their apps are currently available for both Android and iOS platforms.

There are tons of other features exclusive for business users and you can take a look at them in Zoolz Business page.

Zoolz Business Pricing

1 TB – Unlimited Users / Servers

Store Price: $300 / year

Our Discount Price: $225

Download Zoolz Business Edition

2 TB – Unlimited Users / Servers

Store Price: $600 / year

Our Discount Price:$450

Download Zoolz Business Edition

Zoolz Discount Code 2019

There is not zoolz discount code required, when you click on the following two plans, discount coupon code is automatically applied and you can proceed with the purchase. Discounts are currently limited to business plans only.

5 TB – Unlimited Users / Servers

Store Price: $1620 / year

Discount Price: $1215 / year (-405 USD)

Download Zoolz Cloud Storage

10 TB – Unlimited Users / Servers

Store Price: $3060 / year

Discount Price: $2295 / year (-765 USD)

Download Zoolz Cloud Storage

Zoolz Coupon Code (Specials)

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That is our Quick Zoolz Review and we tried our best to highlight the features it offers. We hope you have found your perfect Cloud Storage provider for your Home, Business purpose today. Thanks for reading and dont forget to share a word about this to your friends and followers as well by Tweeting, Sharing it in Facebook and Google+. Have a wonderful productivity day.

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