10 Basic SEO Tricks for Web Developers

Everyone dreams to be on the top with their business in any industry they are in. If you happen to be one of these people, there’s no need for you to worry about. This is all for the reason that there are 10 Basic SEO tricks for web developers in which everyone is free to use. Search Engine Optimization is an essential part today to drive quality and organic traffic that gives you excellent conversion than any other free methods currently available today.

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SEO for Web Developers brings best insight to not just build a quality website with high customer satisfaction, it also helps them to create a website that can drive more new customers who are visitors for the website that has excellent SEO done. Lets see some effective and working Basic SEO Techniques that you as a web developer should do.

Webmaster Tools – the first tool that you want to take would be by opening Google Webmaster Tools account being provided by big search engines. You have to confirm your website ownership and mainly submit your website using a sitemap.

Google Analytics – it is a tool being used for free development from Google. It is being used for tracking down visitors into your site. Whenever you have created your account, you should add up simple form of Javascript into the code of the website in order help when it comes to tracking.

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Make your own Sitemap – sitemap is an essential thing for a website, yet it is an underestimated one. You definitely want to create your XML sitemaps and HTML ones. You only have to ensure the links of the sitemaps for every page within your website. Placing up a link into the sitemap in the header or footer of the website is definitely best so it would appear on every page of the website.

Create MyYahoo – creating MyYahoo account and submitting down the RSS feed of your site is one of the best 10 SEO tricks for web developers that you could consider. You need to ensure that you use a site like the Pingomatic in order to ping every time that you update your blog. Some of the CMS software like WordPress would automatically ping for you, when you create updates to your pages or even with posts.

Social Bookmarking Sites – it has become popular, even with addiction to some. They have bigger influence on the search engines and definitely have wonderful way of improving your business networking and simply get your newest website being indexed. However, you should ensure that you always submit your website at social bookmarking websites around.

Forum Posting – creating posts in open registration and popular forums would be a good thing for you to share your website. However, your posts should not be that spammy and has to be related on the posts.

Create your blog – creating your blog in your website would be a good idea for you to be on the top of search engines. However, it needs to be keyword rich and quality contents. Creating blogs that do not make sense would not make it to the top.

Post Videos – it is another trick on the 10 basic SEO tricks for web developers. Videos rich in keyword and posting it to video directories will surely have good authority.

SEO – this one really matters. Optimizing your website could surely make or break your online career. It is the one that could bring your website to the top of the search engines, but you need to learn with it first.

Visit Websites – doing this will get you some backlinks to your site, making you more popular.

Being on the top of the search results is not that hard, most especially if you are guarded with these 10 basic SEO tricks for web developers.

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