Responsive Swift Theme v7 Quick Review and 25% Coupon Code

The Internet and Web moves forward every second and Responsive Themes and Design plays a very important part. The growth of Smartphone sales and Tablet sales also suggests web developers to concentrate and make their existing and new websites Responsive and compatible for mobile devices as well. People also started to go for bigger screens when they buy new computers. Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, users started to choose 27 inch and bigger screen sizes to do better multitasking, image editing, video editing and plenty of works efficiently which on the other side utilizes the hardware (processor, ram, graphics chips) to its full potential.


Swift theme for wordpress is a popular theme and it is one of the affordable premium wordpress theme available in the market. Swift Themes have come a long way with its design and feel overall than it was first released. I still remember the first version which came as a free download and i used it for dailytut. Then the premium paid version released with some customization and additional features. I created my own child theme and it was excellent overall.

One of the main reason i chose Swift Theme over other frameworks and premium wordpress themes is mainly because of its fast loading, simple looking and its usability. Even with the latest version 7 Swift didn’t loose its charm and demand to stay as a lightweight and super fast loading wordpress theme. You will definitely love it from the moment you installed it in your existing or new wordpress blog. Swift Theme v7 is now HTML5 and CSS3 advanced to suite the website standards and search engine standards as well.

Swift Theme Review


Oh, about Search Engine Optimization, Swift Theme is just loaded with all necessary SEO functions by default. You can also use any of your favorite WordPress SEO Plugins if you want to, such as All in One SEO, Yoast WordPress SEO etc., Still the default Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions are powerful and kept pretty simple for you to customize and use while writing your post. You dont have to take lot of effort to enable and use the SEO Functions, its set to ON by default and you can simply focus on writing your articles. Matt Cutts from Google Web Search Spam team always recommend to not do too much SEO.

Doing too much SEO Optimization will do no good to a website in Search Engine Ranking.

Always follow the White hat SEO practices suggested by Google to rank better on search engines. Google Webmasters is the perfect place to monitor your website SEO stats and do refer the basic seo ebooks and guides for beginners to understand do’s and dont’s.

Lets talk about Swift Theme v7 feature highlights, Reasons why you should buy swift themes latest version.

Swift Theme Premium is Search Engine Optimized

The developers have written every single line of code with SEO in mind. Swift Theme highlights your content very well to add and rank better in search engines. Heading tags are very important in SEO aspect, and swift theme highlights posts title, sub titles you create inside posts for search engine spiders (bots) to index. Content Duplication is prevented by displaying posts as list on archives page. If you want use any third party wordpress SEO plugins, then swift theme seo functions will turn off itself and uses the plugins functionality to the best.

Customize Swift Theme Premium to the Core

If you know HTML, CSS and little PHP, you will be able to customize the Swift Theme Premium for WordPress to its core. You can change every single block of the theme and still use all of its core benefits. If you are a beginner level user and have no much idea about coding, then you can customize the entire Swift Theme with sliders, color codes and fonts styles. Swift Themes Design section allows you to change most part of the websites code, colors, site and content width, colors, layouts and font styles used in every part of your wordpress blog.

Create Business Website using Swift Themes for WordPress

WordPress as CMS lets people create their own business website. You can easily customize and change the way your website looks. Swift Themes is the best wordpress theme when it comes to customization. The Design panel lets you change most part of the theme as mentioned in the previous point. You can create a beautiful homepage to tell the world what your business is about and a blog inside your website to regularly update about your products, upcoming events, articles and more. It is very important to have a company blog hosted in same website or in sub domain to regularly update and keep your website active just like your business.

Blog helps your business to keep in touch with your clients and partners with comments and opinions. Also in SEO aspects, blogs are essential for a business, company website.

Swift Theme is Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

Today, the important factor that any theme should have is, being responsive. Swift Theme is Fully Responsive WordPress Theme that looks stunning in your visitors Mobile, Smartphone, iPad, Android and Windows Tablets, Small and Big Screens as well. It is ultra modern and very responsive on any devices. Swift Themes looks and feels natural on any device.

Ultra Speed and Super Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Either you should have no wordpress theme installed or use Swift Theme to beat the google page speed score for a wordpress blog. Swift Theme using wordpress blog scores 90+ normally on Google Page Speed score and 97+ on GT Metric performance speed test report. It also reduces the server response time by efficiently loading and service the web pages to your visitors. If you have powerful servers in place, then swift will fly faster along with your server speed together ;). Just make sure you optimize your website images to prevent them blocking from flying.


Tip: You may consider using a CDN Service to serve your images faster to your visitors. We have a 25% MaxCDN Coupon Code to save on your monthly, yearly billing and serve your website static files (images, javascript files, php files etc.,) from high speed SSD (Solid State Drive) servers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Delay no more, get SwiftThemes Premium version today and super charge your wordpress blog speed, performance and seo as well. If you are not satisfied with the theme, you can ask for 100% full refund in 30 days and no questions asked. Swift Theme Premium comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Swift Themes Coupon Code

We do have an exclusive limited time swift themes coupon code for you to get 25% Flat discount on license purchase.

Thanks for reading and i am glad you made a right choice by getting Swift Themes as your blog themes. Do share your feedbacks in the comment box below. Have a great productive day.

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