SEO Techniques to be Followed After Recent Panda Effects

SEO is the Backbone for a website that sells or promote products in the web. It makes your stay on the web very much reasonable by pulling lots of visitors to your blog or website and lets you do more with what you were doing.

After the recent Panda Effect of Google, probably only a few out of many successful businesses will survive, if they still do not update their techniques. Unfortunately, the recent technique did not just create havoc for the trash websites, but also targeted those online businesses which were “once” considered “highly regarded” Some websites are so huge that it is just not so easy to track the content that is being placed on various pages. So what are the right SEO techniques after recent Panda effect of Google that you should focus upon ? Here is a lesson:

google panda update

Check the content, even if it is not easy: you have no other option in terms of content !

No use of bringing Fresh contents, when you got affected by Google Panda, and its better to spend more time on reconstructing your blog to make google to visit again like before. So invest time on your Content, as there is a saying “Content is the King“.

Despite being too difficult, it is very important to check the content in order to combat with the recent Google Panda effect. The content has to be as per the guidelines laid down by the Google Webmaster. Duplication of the content, plagiarism, lack of internal or external links, not having adequate text on a page; will all be the conditions of denial.

Website statistics analysis

Another important thing that needs to be checked is the website statistic. Now, you will have to focus on those keywords that will rank high, in accordance to the GP. Also check for those keywords which you had ranked before your website got hit by Panda effect. Check the website map and you can use Google webmaster tools for doing this.

Check for the competition

There might be certain websites that would still be ranking high, despite facing the GP effect. It would be good to compare your website with those. Check for your competitor’s position and find out the SEO techniques that they are using to rank high, after the recent effect.

On-page Optimization

Link building can be the best off-page optimization for your website. However, now it is more important to focus on on-page optimization. Probably blog commenting and guest positing will also not work efficiently now and so there is a need of better on-page optimization for your website.

Analyze your progress

First try to make modifications and alter your website. Keep analyzing and keeping track on the progress of your website after you have changed your website, considering the Panda effect.

Basically, your aim should be to go back to the basics and revise them according to the new Google Panda effect. These new techniques will help you combat the Panda effect introduced by Google.

Author Info: This is a guest post by Himanshu. He is a blogger and website builder by profession.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Websites that have been playing “by the rules” for some time though, should find that the Panda update was nothing but good news as a lot of the rubbish on-line is being weeded out.

  2. Search engines ignore or penalize cloaking, hidden text, keywords meta
    tags, keyword density stuffing, irrelevant links, unnatural links, link
    exchanges, link farms, web rings, etc.

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  4. I think all of us marketer’s will have to make used of these different tips that was being posted here, it look very effective used in business as we are about to overcome this new Google panda update that cause down in our website traffic. Thanks for sharing some good information’s to us.

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