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Blogging Goals for the Year 2010

I decided to set my blogging goals for the year 2010 which actually starts from this month first day. Some what i feel like a full time blogger these days :). I find this is the best way to spend the time to be productive….

Its Really Worth Spending 30 Mins To Comment In Blogs Across The Web

Yes, I was very much worried about the “Zero” Comment in my blogs. Even though i write some good trending titles i get a very very few comments from the users who are so conscious about that topic or sometimes they was in such situation….

Blog Advertisements are Blocked by Internet Security Products

I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, almost for a week time i noticed there are no advertisements displayed with my blog. Got my time today evening only figure out the exact problem. My Google Adsense and some of my affiliate banners linked within my…

Creating your first blog in WordPress – Part 1

WordPress, a leader in blog softwares give two options to host your blog. You may host the blog with wordpress (for free) else self hosting by downloading it from wordpress website. You can find the given two links TLD’s differ. Yes, wordpress provides free blog…

Commentluv for your wordpress and blogger

It is necessary for a blogger to focus on commenting system in place with the blog. Whenever we find some interesting article or discussion then we normally comment or reply to it, which shows our participation. The comment or reply system in place should allow us to do it quicker and easier. There must not be more number of fields in place to fill up, in order to give our comment.

Best WordPress Grid Themes for Blogging

If you are new for blogging and like to start with some clean professional looking theme then you are in the right place to give a try. Using themes with too many plugins, widgets, lots of colors may not give a better appearance in every…