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Blogging Goals for the Year 2010

I decided to set my blogging goals for the year 2010 which actually starts from this month first day. Some what i feel like a full time blogger these days :). I find this is the best way to spend the time to be productive. I actually got this idea to set the goal for my blog because of my friend Pradeep (HellBoundBloggers).

The credit goes to him. In 2009, he set up this sort of goals to achieve the improvement in his overall blogging. Also, When we set up some goals it will be easy for us to work on it to get success. I believe this will increase our dedication towards the work we do. So, without just setting up the goals, i decided to work on it without delays as i already started to see the results.

This means, my page rank and alexa traffic area started to restore to its normal position and i must improve them this time. Its not just about maintaining, i am eager to see some lengthy bars in the site statistics chart.

If you did not set any goals so far, then think about setting up one and write it as a post in your blog too. This will really help in the case of a new blogger to work towards a clear target and achieving of perfect target.

Site Traffic – Apart from gurusonline i do run another blog called ethicalhackers, where i provide security tips, alerts and tutorials. So i must give equal care to both to improve Alexa Rank and Google PR. Will make sure this blog crosses 500 visitors per day. currently i get 100 + visitors per day. The main thing is “Region”. Right now my site is getting to visited in india. It is must to see more traffic from other countries as well.

Articles Posting – I will work on 1 article per day target where i will make sure 30 articles present or more than that in a month. This will help people to know more techy stuffs at the same time to increase the post count in the blog.

Blog Hosting As i guide many people about blogging and its importance plus positive things, i started with my blog hosting service. Right now I have 3 clients who hosted their blog with me. As i am going to work hard to bring more offers and service process for new signups i decided to host atleast 25 blogs within this year end.

Guest Posts Decided to post atleast 50 guest posts in various blogs this year. Because right now we have tons of blogs to select from that offers guest post and contribution feature.

Social Media Traffic – Focused on improving the numbers of followers or fans in social networking and bookmarking websites.

Commenting – As i mentioned in my earlier post i determined to spend atleast 15 to 30 minutes a day for commenting in other blogs and sites. Through which i aimed to create a community over here that makes many bloggers and visitors to interact better.

New Project Proposal – I am in a deep thinking to get some creative project where i can invest and to start with. The concept must present no where or shouldnt be much similar to the existing one. I tried with some social bookmarking site concept (digg – pligg softwares) and no use at all. So waiting for some good concept to begin with the new project work. Wish me a luck too 🙂

Cheers ! Thanks for taking time to read my blogging goals for this year. Have a great day !

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. The goals that “i” as a blogger aim to reach. 🙂 i hope you get the picture Bro. And next time try to use u r name as the commentor and link added to it.

    – Robin

  2. But my view is having some set of goal can help you to work with dedication.

    I think you might be banned next time if you dont use your name while commenting. You can link to different sites you have or to your client sites for SEO things. But be sure to give the name. Else there is no option than removing your comments completely and banning your ip range.

    Expecting your co-operation.

  3. Just started learning blogging and doing something rather than waiting for the perfect time to start. I’m waiting to get my master card approved so i can buy stuffs online.
    Thanks for the post.

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