HOW TO: Be Consistent with Habits Using Your Smartphone ?

Habit plays an important role for a healthy lifestyle of a person. It is also important that you have to be consistent with your habits. We all know what are the habits that can make a healthy lifestyle, but we fail doing it consistently. For example, everyday night we plan for morning exercise but we failed to do because of our laziness. Like that we plan so many things either we postpone it or we will forget it. In order to keep in touch with that, people use sticky notes and reminders but nothing works if they didn’t take that serious.


Previously I wrote about safe driving with your Smartphones and to search jobs using social networks. Today I’m gonna tell you about an application for iPhone which keeps track of your habits and maintain your progress in it. “Lift” is the name of the application and it is the one which helps you keeps track of the habits you wanna improve.

Many users got benefited with this app and it really works. Right now it is available only for iPhone and you can download it from iTunes for free. Soon it will available for iPad and Android mobiles too.

Pros and Cons of the Application

Lift is one of the unique application for iPhone which deals with the psychology of a person. In our day to day life we fail or miss something either we get bored or we lose the confidence. In order to get rid of that Lift gives you motivation in the way of organizing people on same mind set. That is, they create categories on various habits and users can join in the one they want to improve. Also they have integrated iPhone’s Twitter application with this app. So you can share the improvement in your habits and the¬†experience with this application to your Twitter friends.

Be Consistent with Habits Using Smartphone


Lift works similar to FourSquare. It uses iPhone’s GPS technology to check-in at a particular place. For instance, if you have chosen the habit as you must go to gym regularly every day you can make a check-in after you finish the workouts. Also you can share the experience in a short description with your friends on the Lift. Your check-ins will be saved and you can see the progress on weekly and monthly basis. Even the concept looks so simple the increase in progress bar will motivate you to be consistent with your habits. Also the discussions with your friends on Lift will give you more tips on achieving good results.

Similar to the “Like” feature on Facebook and “+1” on Google Plus we have “+1 Prop” in this app. People on your friends list can add props to your check-ins. Interacting with people about your habits and the reaction from them will motivate you to be consistent with your habits. So try this app in your iPhone and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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