HOW TO: Search Jobs Using Social Networks ?

Social Networking websites has become a place for Entertainment and Opportunities. The concept of social networking has become very popular by the evolution of Facebook. Right now it is one of the top most social networking websites in the existing ones. Facebook is about to reach 1 billion users very soon. It is a fact that wherever you have crowd you can easily get information and share the news to thousands of people in a single click.

It is not only Facebook today many social networking websites  like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., have millions of active users. So getting information about the outside world opportunities is very simple.


Even though Facebook has more number of users, LinkedIn has got a unique style where you can project your personal information as well as your professional information. Many leading company recruiters have their account in LinkedIn and looking for profiles which satisfies the current job needs. Not only in LinkedIn, even people were recruited through their twitter profiles. It is a matter of fact that you have to be active on those leading social networks also update your qualifications and skills correctly.

If you find difficult to manage your social accounts separately you can use online applications like MyLife to access all your accounts in a single place. So today we are going to see the ways to search jobs using your social network profile.

Make Your Profile Ready

When we talk about jobs through social networks, job seekers think that they must have an excellent profile with best people in their network. Actually it is not, recruiters will only look into the qualifications and skills you have. Of course they will look into the information you share and way you interact with people but they look into more on your skills. So try to improve your skills based on the job you are looking for and update it immediately on your social profile. If you have any experience related to the job don’t forget to mention it.


More than 92% of recruiters use social networking sites to recruit people. So you can use this opportunity to project your skills and talents on your social profile to get recruited. Also it is important to add fellow job seekers into your profile to share and get the information regarding interviews and other job opportunities.

In websites like LinkedIn, you can search people based on skill sets. So recruiters mostly use LinkedIn to find people on specific skills for their current job. Other than Facebook and Twitter you can give more importance to LinkedIn to ease your job seeking process.

Contact Recruiters From Your Social Profile

Instead of broadcasting your job seeking process in your wall contact recruiters personally in private messages. Tell your skills and qualifications in a personal message and let them know you are a job seeker. Even they didn’t call you for the interview this will let them have a look at your skills and qualifications.

So there are chances to let them tell you about other job opportunities or the skills you lack to get a job. End of the day it will be an another step in your job seeking process. So don’t hesitate to contact the recruiters on your social profile.

These are the simple tips to seek job using social networks. Even many job searching sites were available on the internet this social networking technique will increase the job opportunities for you. So update skills and qualifications in your social profile and start seeking for a job. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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