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Free Airtel Broadband Plan Upgrade For Existing Customers

Airtel upgrades all the existing customers plan to 512 kbps if they are in 128, 256 or 384 kbps plans. And this upgrade comes totally as a free from Airtel Broadband only for its existing subscribers, without charging any extra fee. There is no announcement regarding this in its official website till. But the customers started to receive this announcement in brochure along with their monthly bill statement. Recently airtel have announced its 4 mbps impatience plan for pulling more customers and to make the existing customers feel happy.

Unfortunately, this migration will not happen for users in varying speed plans. Example, if your day time speed is 512 and in night you get 1 mbps (Plan 1299) then your existing plan will be in effect.

Right now, this new announcement makes the users more happy to enjoy the service they already offer. It is very clear that ISPs started to boost up the Internet speed to increase the internet addiction among teens. Register or Refer the Airtel Broadband Plans here.

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  1. Yep… I do avail the service with no additional charges. I think the info was printed in one dialy newspaper couple of months ago and insisted the customers to send sms to them for upgradation.

    1. Hi Dadha. Many will not refer to papers daily. so there is a possibility of missing this news. 🙂 but now this automigration gives a surprise to the users who are in slow speed plans.

    1. Oh wow.. i am now a big fan of your blog. Its really awesome the way you write contents in your blog and i am suprised now.

      You are an example to maintain an awesome blog and proved that speed can never be a barrier for it.

  2. hey…..me from bhopal MP my airtel broadband speed increased from 128 kbps to 512 kbps….from about 1 june …..at no extra cost ….and unlimited downloading
    airtel upgraded my plan of existing 499 /month…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoying high speed surfing ….downloading speed ….about 75 kbps…..one movie in 3 hours……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks ….airtel

  3. Wow !!! people is n’t it to early to celebrate i have heard that after downloading a specific amount the speed again comes back to 256 kbps….that is after downloading like 8 gb u only get 256 kbps again as it was when u buyed the plan please can someone confirm that they have downloaded more than 12 gb’s and r still having 512 kbps speed…

  4. Airtel Service is good. But this incident disappointed me: Airtel sent an SMS saying that they are going to increase the monthly charge from 999 to 1050 due to plan change. I was okay with that, but after more than 6 months I came to know that they just increased the amount but didn’t upgrade the data limit from 8GB to 30GB. Both 999 and 1050 plans are available in airtel, without my permission they increased the amount but why they didn’t update the data limit. After calling customer care they changed it!

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