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Google Buzz is So Crazy, Will Facebook and Twitter Traffic Get HIT ?

This question will come up in your mind too if you got the invite from gmail to start using this awesome service, named Google Buzz !. Its so simple, elegant and faster than all. In my previous article “Google Buzz is on its way to your Gmail Box” i was listing out the features of Google Buzz. Few minutes back, there was a surprise waiting for me in my gmail account ([email protected]). I started to follow all the people suggested by Google Buzz who already got their invitations.

Google is activating the buzz service to millions of its users in a day. So you will not made to wait for long time, like Google Wave. Thank God, they never took their usual tool in hand this time to add up this feature. Which is Invitation based usage of the system. Hectic Totally !

Alright, this recent change seems like a definite hit to social networking sites. Gmail users can simply Chat, Share photos, Youtube Videos and Web links simply from their email box hereafter. Everyone one of us really hate the window navigation part and many got it as an habit too. Even though minimum number of windows are there they simply click on the tabs and navigate continuously without reason and ofcourse that in turn makes the person sitting near to them frustrated 😀 . I do make my friends frustrated in that way sometimes 🙂 . Till now there is no info about Apps users getting Google Buzz. It will be really nice if its activated in Google Apps as well, to collaborate, share the stuffs etc., Anyhow many companies are already using google wave for their collaboration and services. But this Buzz will simplify the process in a much better way.

So what you feel about this BUZZ ? Do you think this is a silent killing plan (for Social Networking sites) rolled out by Google ? Its now your turn to comment about it … Have Fun !

About the Author: Robin C

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