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6 Awesome YouTube Channels for Gamers

Gamers have seemingly countless options for online news, advice and support. For many, YouTube is a primary destination. Many large and small content producers do an excellent job of informing visitors about important gaming news and other content. Of course, the sheer volume available on YouTube means the quality of these channels can vary widely. All major game news organizations have their own YouTube channel, but independent providers can sometimes be even more popular and useful.

You can find the Best Youtube channels on your favorite category of choice and subscribe to them to get updated videos. Youtube channel category has an excellent category of  These are a few of the best, most informative and most entertaining channels for hardcore gamers on YouTube.

Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)


Formerly known as Angry Nintendo Nerd, AVGN is a longtime blog, vblog, website and YouTube channel from contributor James Rolfe. AVGN’s initial focus was on the NES, but over the past couple of years the channel has broadened its focus to include a mix of other games and general commentary on the industry. Funny and a bit absurd at times, Angry Video Game Nerd is a destination for millions of YouTube viewers who like a bit of angry comedy with their gaming news.

Your Black Ops 2 Destination (NGT)

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to specific games. Hardcore gamers seek out the best ones for the games in which they are interested. One shining example of an extremely high quality game-specific channel is NGT: Your Black Ops 2 Destination. As with many of these channels, this YouTube page is the video component of a larger website operation. The channel provides instructive and informative videos covering general game news and extremely detailed player information for Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

NooBTooB (Tobin00)

This channel is often funny, always informative and a great destination for news and views in the gaming world. Hardcore, experienced gamers should not be fooled by the channel’s title into thinking that it is merely a guide for new gamers. It is a weekly podcast and review channel that will keep you both educated and amused. Both new and hardcore gamers will find their game reviews especially helpful.

Rooster Teeth (Subscribe)

Offering videos on much more than just gaming, Rooster Teeth offers visitors a hilarious take on games, social media and the lifestyles of the young and tragically unhip. Their game reviews are more comedy then serious analysis, but they do have a good eye for what works and what does not in gaming today.

The Syndicate Project (Subscribe)

Otherwise known as the # 1 Subscribed UK Solo Gaming Commentator, this channel is geared towards hardcore Minecraft and Modern Warfare players. While its primary focus is on the Syndicate’s Minecraft exploits, it also offers up sound advice on gameplay.
# 6: GamerSpawn

One of the top YouTube channels in traffic and variety, GamerSpawn is also one of the best for news, reviews and game trailers. Additionally, it focuses a great deal of attention on creating videos that help gamers with specific aspects of games, such as crafting. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the timely game news that comes from this channel.

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