Watch iPhone’s Getting Shot with Bullets, Dropped and Water Proof Tests Done

When it is still a Dream for many, here are some Youtuber’s Shooting iPhone with a Gun, Performed Crazy iPhone Drop Tests and Water Proof Tests just for you. So that, you will know what happens when any such accidents happen with your iPhone. It may sound crazy, but let’s hope that’s what they are doing these tests for.

top crazy iphone tests watch gun water drop tests

A normal youtuber like me, would do a simple Unboxing of New iPhone when it is launched. We do the review of the product and tell you just how the Camera performs, how the display looks, feels and how it fits for overall usage in real life case.

But these Crazy iPhone Tests on one hand, really upsets me. Why would people even smash, shoot and drop frequently to break their iPhone intentionally. I am sorry, my mind is not accepting any compromises in the name of answers.

Crazy iPhone Tests

Shooting iPhone with a Gun, Rigorous Drop Tests and Water Drop Tests are here. Latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max are going through all these crazy tests.

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Here comes, the King of Scratch Tests whenever New iPhone comes out. I am a big fan of his details that he share while performing several scratch tests on iPhone.

Jerry Rig Everything


iPhone 12 Pro VS Laser by XtremeGamez


5000 Matches Vs iPhone 11 Pro (Huge Explosion) by XtremeGamez


Customizing Everything in an Apple Store by ZHC


Want to check the bulletproof iPhone? by Everything Apple Pro


Lava vs iPhone 11 Pro Max by SuperKot


Saw VS iPhone by SuperKot


iPhone Durability Test by Panda Z3ro

Ultimate Drop Test by TechRax


Breaking the all-new iPhone 12 Pro


I Broke my Parents iPhone by The Royalty Family


iPhone 12 in Piranha Acid by TechRax


Pouring Liquid Nitrogen on every iPhone.

Pouring Coca-Cola on iPhone | Water Tests Done Right

How much will the eco ATM will give Me for every iPhone?\


Do you think your iPhone is stronger? Let’s Bend Test it


iPhone 12 Extreme Water Test.


Firecrackers vs iPhone 11 Pro


Mixer vs iPhone Do you think iPhone beats the mixer?

So, what are your final thoughts? Did you enjoy watching the Crazy iPhone Tests conducted by Youtubers? Which one is your favorite and do you think these Tests prove anything? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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