GLEEs Mercedes “I Will Always Love You” Goes Viral in Youtube

FOX brings GLEE, “I will always Love you” by Mercedes who gave a great performance. Glee is a biting musical comedy by Fox Television, that has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon that got highest ratings for the series of season released so far. It also formed a loyal fan base of GLEEks, two certified gold albums with more than 10 million song downloads and an incredible 19 Emmy nominations, that made it as one of the most nominated series of the year.

Mercedes – I Will Always Love You

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

We now have a Trending and Mesmerizing Song by an ever green Singer Whitney Houston, “I will always love you“. Youtube the platform that brought so many talented to this world now got an amazing singer who got 3 million views in one week after its published. This also become one of the Trending video in youtube after becoming so viral in short time.

She should have been at the Grammy’s instead” comment got 6k+ likes which almost shows the recommendation from public viewers to the next grammy atleast 🙂 She deserves it, thats what i too thought after watching her performance.

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  1. Congratulations Mercedes…”I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston will
    probably be one of the greatest love songs ever sung.  Don’t you just
    love this song?  I surely do, and I join the millions of people who
    express their grief over the death of the great singer and diva, Whitney
    Houston.  She surely blessed all of us with her powerful voice and her
    uncontested style.  She has been “often imitated” but “never
    Even though I love this great song, there are many
    other songs by the great diva and actress that truly touch my heart. 
    Notable among these is the song entitled “All At Once”.  This song puts you right into the recording studio with the artist.  Once you listen to “All At Once”,
    your appreciation for Ms. Houston will supercharge.  To hear this great
    song and to see more of the works of this great artist, I would like to
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