Apple iPhone 4S too Expensive (Rs 44500 for 16GB) in India, Is Apple Selling iPhone only to Rich People ?

Is Apple have plans to sell the new iPhone 4S only to Rich people ? is what the question came up in my mind after knowing the price from Aircel. We are yet to receive the price details of iPhone 4S with Airtel, but no wonder, the price will be very much similar to what Aircel have announced today morning. Apple fans are so curious to own an iPhone 4S and today, the pre-order of iPhone 4S started by Aircel and Airtel officially across india.

apple iphone 4s

The price of iPhone 4S in Aircel are as follows.,

iPhone 4S Price in India (Aircel)

16 GB model – Rs 44500

32 GB model – Rs 50900

64 GB model – Rs 57500

The price released today morning officially by the two service providers are pretty shocking to people who are waiting eagerly to pre order their iPhone 4S. We also heard that due to very low volume stocks are assigned to india, distributors and other shops are getting very less number of iPhone 4S compare to iPhone 4. With this much price, no doubt that people will give some more time to get their apple phone.

Will you Pre-Order your iPhone 4S now ? Please do express your views in comment below.

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  1. no, i was waiting eagerly for it but this pricing leaves me cold – marketers should understand that after a certain price point, the customer says fuck off, i dont care about the product any more

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