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Where to Backup Live Photos Online from iPhone ?

Apple released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus couple of months ago. We have updated this article to help you Backup Live Photos to Online Cloud Storage from iPhone. Live Photos is an interesting feature for iPhone as it requires 3D Touch to work. Live Photos are GIF like short videos and you can turn on and off the feature while using Camera App. Live Photos take more space than regular photos taken using iPhone camera app.

I was taking many Live Photos using my iPhone 8 for the past couple of weeks and wondered where to upload Live Photos online and save storage space locally in my iPhone. If you are a person like me who don’t use iCloud for uploading Photos and Videos to Backup for accessing it later, then this article should help you find some alternative to iCloud for Live Photos backup and other suggestions.

backup live photos online iphone 6s

I am not a big fan of iCloud and always prefer third party Online Photo Hosting services to upload my photos and backup. Flickr is my favorite choice when it comes to Photo Uploading service for iPhone which stores the photos without compressing.

For Regular Photos (non Live Photos) and Videos Backup from iPhone, Download Flickr App for iPhone today and upload Photos up to 1 Terabyte (1024 GB) size which usually takes several years for me to reach the limit. There are other options, such as Dropbox, One Drive, Box.com and few other cloud storage services to upload and backup photos from your iPhone. Unfortunately, these cloud storage services are not yet compatible for Live Photos and turns your Live Photos Dead Flat once you uploaded to your account.

These cloud storage services do have an iPad App, so that you can view the uploaded photos and videos with your family on bigger screen.

Photos App (mac OS High Sierra)

If you are using Mac OS X El Capitan and like taking backup locally, then consider using the Photos App in your Mac Computer. You can double click on the Live Photos to playback the short video and in this way you can safely store and backup all your Live Photos taken using iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Once you have connected your iPhone, let Photos App launch automatically. If it didn’t open automatically then search in spotlight for “Photos” and launch the app.

How to Backup Live Photos in Mac?

On the Import tab, select the Live Photos you want to Backup. Ofcourse, you may choose regular Photos and Videos to Backup locally in your Mac computer hard disk drive. The live photos are playable only using Photos app.

photos app live photos upload

If your iPhoto App or Photos App consuming more storage in your Mac Hard Drive, then it may be storing cache files and duplicates of Photos and Videos you have uploaded in hidden directories. You can clean those temporary files and many other junk files to free up disk space and run OS X faster and smoother all the time.

Read about Cleanmymac 3 Review and see how good it is in keeping your Mac clean and system performance always faster.

Alright, so here are two top photo sharing services that currently supports backup of Live Photos taken using iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

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  1. Very useful. And the article really gets updated once Flickr and co support the live photos? Keeping an eye on it.

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