Best Spy Apps for Android Devices you can Download

There are tons of Spy Apps for Android, but picking up the best spy app is not an easy task. We made that easier for you by hand picking some of the best spy apps for android so that you can download and install one for your device to monitor your kids, teens, employees activity 24/7. Android is one flexible mobile operating system compared to iPhone and that is why developers have made plenty of android mobile monitoring software or cell phone monitoring and tracking softwares compared to other platforms.

There are spywares that are used by hackers to spy on users randomly across the globe for stealing credit card details, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. They install on your android devices via third party apps and games you download from unverified sources.

The Apps we will see here can be used for malicious purposes too, which is not recommended by the app manufacturer itself, and a strict warning given at the beginning itself to avoid installing on devices that you don’t own which is against law in any countries.

best android spy apps

That is why you should consider installing an antivirus software for android mobiles to prevent such spyware, malware, adware infection and keep the mobile performance unaffected.

You may try some free antivirus softwares for android, but i personally recommend you to go for some premium antivirus softwares to receive regular signature updates and prevent third party app installation problem. Most of the free apps comes bundled with some adware or app that collects user information for the research and analytics purposes.

The list of spy apps we have here will help you install these apps without writing any code, download infected apps, additional add on applications or complex steps and procedures to follow. We have listed best spy app alternatives for android mobile and tablet devices here for you to download.

Best Spy Apps for Android Devices

You can install these android spy apps in less than a minute and monitor, record all the incoming, outgoing calls, phone contacts, sms messages, whatsapp messages, skype calls, facebook activity, email activity and every single key they press on their android mobile phone. Though, the data collection is same for all these apps, the way they work and collect user data, store them and allow you to review them differs from each other. They are premium spy apps for android and ensure to work as promised and worth for the money you spend.

Download Spy Apps for Android

As i mentioned earlier, the steps are simple and easy. Each app we have for you today is premium and comes with easy to follow tutorial to download and install spy app on android mobile devices. You don’t need any advanced technical skills or computer skills to install and monitor your Kids, Employees and Catch Cheaters.

Alright, lets start with our first Spy App recommendation for Android Device.

mSpy for Android

This is my favorite spy app for android that has excellent features and very very easy to use as well. mSpy subscription model is very attractive and we can choose between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year based on our requirement. mSpy is very flexible and allows you to monitor Keystrokes, Apps usage, Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS Messages, Skype and Phone incoming/outgoing calls, facebook activity and GPS location as well. The more attractive part is their Secure, Encrypted Dashboard which you will access to monitor android mobile, tablet users activity. Its very user friendly and you can access it right from your iPhone, Android or Personal Laptop from anywhere with Internet Access.

mspy android spy apps

Simply login and the complete reports readily available with graphs, charts and text, photos data. You can monitor your kids, teens activity and help them right on time to prevent them being in any problem.

You can read mSpy Review here and get an exclusive mSpy Coupons to Save on your purchase of any subscription plan. It is the only Spy App for iPhone that works without Jailbreak.

Compatibility: Android 4 and above versions

GET IT: mSpy for Android

FlexiSpy for Android

Another useful android spy app that works just like mSpy. FlexiSpy for Android collects user data and store them securely under your web account for later access. You can use the login details provided to you to access all the data collected from Android mobile and tablets you have installed FlexiSpy. You can listen to Live Calls, Record Calls remotely, access call logs, VoIP Apps call logs, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp Messages monitoring and full control, Web Browser History, Passwords, Messenger Chats, Address Book, Calendar, Notes and all the Applications they have installed on their android mobile.

Read full Flexispy Review for Android and iPhone.

Additionally, you can turn on their microphone anytime to listen to surroundings, take photos using mobile camera, restart device, check battery status, and you can send remote commands to perform various actions as well. FlexiSpy is popular mainly because of its wide range of features compared to any other android spy softwares available.

flexispy android

Download FlexiSpy for Android and start monitoring, recording and take complete control of the android device remotely. FlexiSpy is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices.

Compatibility: All versions of Android including 5.1 latest version

GET IT: FlexiSpy for Android

Mobile Spy for Android

Retina-X Studios Mobile Spy App for Android also comes with an Interactive Dashboard that you can access securely to check all the logs made from Android mobile which you have installed the spy app. It records and sends all the phone data to your mobile spy account so that you can access it later from your mobile, tablet and pc from anywhere. Text Messages, MMS Messages, Address Book, Call History, Emails, Gmail, Keylogger, GPS location, Cellular ID Tracker and all notifications also tracked and recorded by this brilliant app.

mobile spy android apps

Mobile Spy for android also records media files shared and stored on mobile, Internet Web History, Logs, and all their Social Media activities. Facebook, Twitter and all logs are organized very well and presented for you through mobile spy logs dashboard with graphs and charts.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and above

GET IT: Mobile Spy for Android

The Truth SPY for Android

Another premium spy app for android which does the job perfectly. Its decent but not great as top spy apps we have listed here. The Truth Spy for Android records GPS Location, Phone Calls, SMS, WhatsApp Messages, Skype Conversations, Apps Usage, and complete Alerts and Notifications. Additionally it records the keyboard keys pressed and remotely allows you to control the android device by supplying various commands interactively.

truthspy android apps

You can access the notes, multimedia files and auto-answer spy call feature allows you to make call from your phone to target phone without letting the user know about it.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and above

GET IT: The Truth Spy for Android

There are lot of other spy apps available on Google Play Store apart from these premium spy apps for android we have listed here. Such as Cell Tracker, Children Tracker, Mobile Hidden Camera, Secret Calls and more. They are good but requires some extra skills and sometimes easily gets caught and not strong enough to hide from the mobile user. These premium spy apps for android are stealthy and hides completely to be anonymous from users eyes and impossible to detect as well.

User Detection is pretty impossible and it is very important to have a stealthy mode to avoid detection by other apps as well.

We hope you liked this post and found the apps we suggested useful. Don’t forget to share a word about this via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You may also leave a comment below if you have any questions. Have a great day.

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