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The promodoro is a best time management app for iPhone. It works based on Pomodoro technique. There are five basic steps involved in Pomodoro technique which helps to increase productivity and stay focused on your work. The tasks are inbuilt in Promodoro. Either you can choose a task or create one on your own. Each task will last for 25 minutes. At the end of every task you will get a five minutes break. Then by the end of every four Pomodoros you will get a long break.


Pomodoro technique is suggested by most of the professionals to stay focused on your work. The upgraded version 3.0 has fixed many flaws in the previous versions and become more customizable. People who have used this app says this really works. The application is completely customizable so that you can set your own work and break timings. You have to enter into the task mode to set your task and timings for that.

Pomodoro Technique

As I said above you have five simple steps to stay focused on your work. As soon as you get into the application enter into task mode and start assigning the tasks and timings. In task mode you can edit, delete, change timings and do much more for the created task. You can easily prioritize the tasks you assigned. You can set priority based on the task and work according to that.  After you assign a task and complete it you can mark it as completed in the task mode. Using this information Promodoro will give you an overall progress.


You have two modes in Promodoro. One is task mode and the other one is start mode. We have the seen options in task mode. Start mode is the welcome screen of the application which provides all the information you need to learn about your progress. You can create a custom pomodoro and set timings to finish the task.


Promodoro completely uses the Technology of iOS 5.1. You can turn on the notifications in settings of your iPhone. It will give you the start and completion of the timings you have assigned. Also it will give you the notifications about your break timings and rings alarm at the end of your break. On the completion of every pomodoro you will get an alarm. You can set your favorite music as alarm tone in the application settings. Use Promodoro, stay focused on your work and increase your productivity.

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