HOW TO: Change Default Application for File Type on Mac OS X ?

Are you bored of opening your photos in the default Preview application on Mac ? Got a new photo viewer and want to make it as a default one on your Mac OS X ? Here is the simple tutorial to change the default application for specific file types on your Mac. Normally we use “Open With” option to open a particular file with a different application from the default ones. But next time when you open the same file it will open in the default application.

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In order to completely change the default application for that specific file type follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose a file that’s the type you want to change. For instance I have selected a JPEG file which uses “Preview” application on Mac OS by default. So I’m going to change the default application for JPEG files from “Preview” to “Skitch“, a simple image editor from Evernote. The first step is right click on that image file and select “Get Info” from that list.


Step 2: Once you did that you will get another window as shown in the screenshot below. In that you have an option called “Open With“. Below that there will be a drop down box, just click that. After you click that you will get a list of applications installed on your Mac which supports that particular file type.


Step 3: Choose the application from the list you want to set as a default one for that particular file type. In this case I’m gonna select “Skitch” as the default application to JPEG files. If you stop with this that particular file alone will open in Skitch. To view all files of that type in Skitch you have to choose one more option on that dialog box.


Step 4: Close that dialog box and click on “Change All” button below. A window will pop up as shown in the screenshot below. Click “continue” to confirm that all the JPEG files on your Mac will use Skitch as its default application. That is all, now the default application will be changed from “Preview” to “Skitch”.


This is how you can change the default application for any type of file on your Mac OS. Try this on your Mac and share  your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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