iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Which Model is the Best Buy in 2024?

Confused about choosing between iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 14? Which iPhone is Best Buy right now to use for another few years? For average users, several questions arise when choosing between iPhone models.

To simplify your purchase decision, this article will help you to pick the correct iPhone model today.

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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 Comparison

Choosing between the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 can be challenging. Each model offers impressive features, but subtle differences might influence your decision. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or the latest technology, understanding the differences can help you make the perfect choice.

Apple Intelligence SIRI Compatible iPhone?

Remember, None of the models will be compatible with Apple Intelligence when iOS 18 is released officially. Even the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models. I am just saying that if you are considering buying an iPhone to experience all the latest tech announcements at the Apple WWDC event.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13: Best Buy in 2024?

Let me highlight some important feature differences between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Display and Design

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with OLED technology, providing vibrant colors and deep blacks. However, the iPhone 13 offers a slightly brighter display, reaching up to 800 nits compared to the iPhone 12’s 625 nits, enhancing visibility in outdoor conditions.

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Initially, this was not considered a noticeable upgrade, but over some time, display brightness does make a difference in real-world use cases.

iPhone 12 vs 13: Performance Difference?

The iPhone 12 is powered by the A14 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 13 boasts the A15 Bionic chip. The A15 chip offers a 20% performance improvement, making the iPhone 13 more efficient for demanding tasks and future-proofing it for upcoming software updates.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 Difference

Apple makes such incremental upgrades yearly, but they are effective in terms of overall product lifetime. If you are planning to receive future iOS software updates, an extra 1 or 2 years of updates, and need good performance, then choosing the iPhone 13 will be wise.

Is there any Camera difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13?

Both models feature a dual-camera system, but the iPhone 13 includes sensor-shift optical image stabilization, enhancing photo and video stability.

Additionally, the iPhone 13 introduces Photographic Styles, allowing users to customize the look of their photos with real-time adjustments.

Even though it’s a minor upgrade, if you prefer an improved camera system, iPhone 13 should be the choice.

Is there any difference in Battery capacity between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 offers improved battery life, lasting up to 19 hours during video playback, compared to the iPhone 12’s 17 hours. This improvement makes the iPhone 13 more suitable for users who need extended battery performance.

iPhone Battery Capacity

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How about the Price Difference?

The iPhone 12 is priced at around $499, while the iPhone 13 starts at approximately $599. This price difference reflects the performance and feature enhancements in the iPhone 13, offering better value for users looking for the latest technology.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Best Buy in 2024?

If your budget allows it and you would like to get an upgraded model for another 3 to 4 years, then this comparison between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 may be helpful to you. I am just comparing these two models. If you see a lower price difference between these two models at the time of purchase,

If your budget allows, getting the latest model always helps with long-term usage.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Display and Design

Both models have a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR Display. Same design and no difference in PPI or Contrast Ratio. 800 nits max brightness and 1200 nits peak brightness HDR on both models. There is no difference in real-world use cases in terms of display.

Is there any Performance Difference?

It is not just the display and design; the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 have an A15 Bionic chip. The only minor difference is that the iPhone 14 A15 Bionic chip has an extra 1 GPU. It has 5 Core GPU, and the iPhone 13 has 4 Core GPU. Both models have 6 core CPU and 16 core Neural Engine.

Is there any Camera Difference between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14?

Again, both models have the same camera modules and are no different from the dual camera system in the rear.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 Difference

The front camera has some differences in taking sharper photos and videos with improved aperture value. Same 12MP sensor, though, but you will notice improvements with the Photonic Engine.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Battery Life Difference?

The iPhone 14’s battery life is slightly better than the iPhone 13, lasting up to 20 hours of video playback compared to the iPhone 13’s 19 hours. That 1 hour difference in real-world usage won’t be a big difference.

Depending on Network conditions and screen time usage, that 1-hour difference may be helpful for some users.

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Is there any Price Difference?

With a starting price of $799, the iPhone 14 is more expensive than the iPhone 13, which starts at $599. The additional features and improvements in the iPhone 14 justify the higher price for those seeking the latest technology.

You can find better pricing and iPhone Deals and Discounts in the market right now. Buy from a trusted shop and seller to ensure you buy a genuine iPhone without being scammed.

Final Verdict: iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14?

Once again, the very first thing to consider is the budget. If the iPhone 14 fits your budget, go for it, and you will enjoy using it for the next few years without any complaints. iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 are good choices, but only if you are short on budget and can find one at good discounts at online or offline shops.

FeaturesiPhone 12iPhone 13iPhone 14
Display Size6.1 inches6.1 inches6.1 inches
CameraDual 12MP rear, 12MP frontDual 12MP rear, 12MP frontDual 12MP rear, 12MP front
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Battery mAh2,815 mAh3,240 mAh3,279 mAh
ProcessorA14 Bionic chipA15 Bionic chipA15 Bionic chip

All three models will run iOS 18 once it’s officially released this September.

The iPhone 14 model is expected to support the most available features compared to the iPhone 12 model. In real-world usage, the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will serve the purpose well for average users.

All three models are suitable for average users, but in terms of camera and performance, the iPhone 14 is something I would suggest to you if the above conditions are met. Otherwise, choose between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13.

I hope you were able to pick your next iPhone for everyday use. If you have any further questions, the comment box is yours. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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