Best 4K Display Monitors for Mac and Gaming

Bigger display monitors at work environment increases the productivity overall for Designers, Video Editors and Writers. Not just for Productivity, getting a bigger display also allows you to enjoy more content while surfing the web, watching your favorite movies, music videos and more. Next to 1080 display monitors, 2K were started to occupy most of the work desks. You must be reading about the 4K display monitors and 4K TV Sets announcements from popular display manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG and so on recently.


Today, we hand picked few best 4K display monitors for mac pro, macbook pro and windows for gaming purposes, to make your search a lot quicker and easier. These monitors are expensive and going to stand on your workstation for long time and help you with all your productivity and entertainment tasks. So you should be careful while selecting the best one for your usage. Product Quality, Features, Pricing, Lifetime, Service & Warranty are the primary considerations for us while selecting few best 4K monitors for you today.

OS X Yosemite and Windows 8 supports 4K display monitors very well officially. You can edit videos, images and do a lot more in big screen which has 4 times more workspace than 1080p display.

Best 4K Display Monitors for Mac Pro, Macbook Pro and Gaming

About the list of best 4k display monitors ranked here are based on existing customer ratings, reviews and how affordable it is, compared to many expensive alternatives. We want the best at the same time affordable as well. Before selecting any monitor from the following list, make sure the service center availability in your area by checking with their official website.

Asus PB287Q 4K Monitor


I am big fan of Asus when it comes to Graphic Cards and Display Monitors. I am using one at my home for more than an year and they are definitely the best in delivering ultimate picture quality just from their default settings. They integrate a graphics processor which is powerful and helps deliver the display monitor ultimate clarity for both Pictures and Videos. It is a non glossy monitor, so if you are fan of non glossy 4K display monitor then you can pick up this one without looking further. It is affordable, excellent quality and service ratings by existing customers, including me. Well it didn’t make me to take it to service center till date, so i personally rate it as the best 4K display monitor at the budget series.

You can also read Asus PB278q Review which is one of the best apple thunderbolt display alternatives and best rated 2K Display monitor by many mac users. Asus makes really excellent display monitors meant for work environment. Alright, lets talk about Asus PB287Q which is a 28 Inch 4K Display monitor that delivers 3840 x 2160 screen resolution at 60Hz frequency. 1 ms Response Time and has asus display technologies right inside such asus exclusive SplendidPlus, VividPixel, GamePlus and QuickFit. Also, you can Tilt, Swivel, Pivot the monitor height adjustment function for programming and gaming purposes.


Existing customers feel its a bang for the buck product that delivers quality right out of the box. It falls under $600 and becomes the favorite 4K display monitor for thousands of users so far. Asus PB287Q has VESA Mount so that you can fix it with Monitor ARM or on the wall.

Hardware Ports: 1 DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports with 4K support, MHL for connecting mobile devices.

Price: $590

GET IT: Asus PB287Q from Amazon

Asus PQ321Q 4K Monitor


Its a 31.5 Inch, which is almost 32 inch 4K monitor that is super sharp and bigger as well for a desk monitor. People who are into Image editing, Photoshop, Lightroom related application works, Movie editing and it can be used very well in small presentation hall as well. Bit expensive compared to the previous model which is 28 inch, but packed with tons of features and delivers best 4K resolution right out of the box. This Ultra High Definition (UHD) Display from Asus has 3840 x 2160 screen resolution with 140 ppi and advanced IGZO panel that offers extraordinarily high resolution, slim profile and power efficiency.

Asus managed to maintain its slim profile with this 4K display monitor packing all the technology, chipsets inside to deliver excellent picture quality for your eyes.

Hardware Ports: 1 DisplayPort, 2 HDMI inputs that supports 4k and 2K UHD videos.

Price: $1,400

GET IT: Asus PQ321Q from Amazon

Seiki SE39UY04 4K Monitor

Another Best 4K Display Monitor, well more than a monitor, this screen size fits well to be a 4K Television at your living room or bed rooms if its decent size. You can buy this 4K display monitor at very cheaper price than any other, in the market right now. Seiki released this 39 Inch (almost 40 Inch) 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV in 2013 at around $700. And now the pricing is very attractive, which is around $570 at amazon. You can enjoy 4K Video content or 2K video content at best picture quality without loosing any single detail.


Seiki offers upscaling feature to upscale your SD, HD and other High Definition video contents to 4K Ultra HD clarity with its built-in technology. Which produces decent picture quality than giving errors or compatibility issues. Though, some windows users have reported driver issues with Seiki 39 inch 4K monitor and i personally feel, that this will be the best 4K Television in your room than a computer monitor at your work desk.


Hardware Ports: 3 HDMI, 2 USB and 1 VGA port available.

Price: $570

GET IT: Seiki 4K Monitor from Amazon

BenQ BL3201PH 4K Monitor

Who can ignore BenQ while searching for a computer display monitor? BenQ has such a positive impression among Gamers and Home users. They have best computer monitors for long time and the product quality impresses most of the users than its features. Vivid, Sharp colors with less power consumption. Gaming and Movie watching is enjoyable with BenQ Monitors. BL3201PH model brings 4K Display Resolution in BenQ monitor line up to customers. It is a big 32 inch 4K Display with CAD/CAM Animation Mode, ZeroFlicker and Low Blue light technology, Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture technology as well.


BenQ’s IPS LED 4K Display monitor is a recently introduced one in the market and started to slowly pickup in terms of sales. If you have already used BenQ, then i don’t have tell you much about the product. If this is the first time you are planning to try BenQ monitor, then wait and do read more details about its technology additions from the following link. benq-4k-monitor-reviewAnd this monitor isn’t cheap either. For its excellent build quality and premium design, you will love to work and being entertained by this beautiful 32 inch 4K monitor on your desk or on the wall.

Hardware Ports: 2 HDMI Ports, 5 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 mini USB port, DVI-DL and DisplayPort 1.2 ports available

Price: $966

GET IT: BenQ 4K Monitor from Amazon

Dell P2415Q 4K Monitor

Fan of Dell? Then take a look at this 24 inch 4K Monitor that is best to sit on your Work Desk with tons of cool features. Dell 4K Monitor count is very less, and P2415Q model is meant for productivity purposes. Because of its 24 inch screen it is really packed with tons of colors and amazing screen resolution. The same 4 times 1080p HD resolution can be felt from the moment you turn on this monitor with Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 screen resolution that contains 8 million pixels. Photo editing goes well with this Dell 4K monitor because of its color accuracy.


As you can see from the picture, it reminds me of Apple Thunderbolt Display. So if you love Dell Products, and looking for a 24 inch display with more pixels packed in it, then consider choosing this model to sit next to your Macbook Pro, Mac Pro or Mac mini. For a 27 Inch iMac, next monitor recommendation will meet your needs. This will definitely be the best buy. Also, it has VESA mount, so you can fix it with your Table Monitor ARM or on the wall comfortably.


Hardware Ports: DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, HDMI (MHL), 4 USB 3.0 Ports available.

Price: $488

GET IT: Dell P2415Q from Amazon

Dell P2715Q 4K Monitor

Another favorite monitor choice of mine, which looks stunningly cool next to iMac. If you bought a Mac Pro and looking for a monitor other than Apple Thunderbolt Display, then this monitor will fit well on your work desk. Just couple hundred dollars extra, you will get the best dell 4K monitor available for work and entertainment. 99% sRGB color coverage, 3840 x 2160 screen resolution at 60 Hz, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 350 cd/m brightness and more. If you are a fan of Dell because of their product quality and tech support, then this 27 Inch 4K monitor from Dell will be the best buy.


This monitor is also VESA mount compatible, consumes less power and comes with Anti Glare coating as well. One of the best 4K display monitor for Mac’s. You can Tilt, Swivel, Pivot the monitor for programming and gaming purposes.

Hardware Ports: DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI (MHL), 4 USB 3.0 Ports available.

Price: $630

GET IT: Dell P2715Q from Amazon

Acer S277HK 4K Monitor

Acer is one brand popular for manufacturing Laptops, PCs, Projectors, Monitors and recently Tablets and Smartphones as well. Windows Laptop users are familiar with the name Acer and its Brand products. This new 4K Ultra HD Monitor from Acer has a screen size of 27 inch that sports 3840 x 2160 screen resolution with 16:9 ratio. It has got a beautiful design that differentiates it from other traditionally designed monitors. Rear speaker built-in with DTS sound effect that delivers high quality audio for Movies, Music and Gaming.


Overall, this monitor is a decent buy if you are a fan of Acer. There is no big difference in pricing, so i don’t recommend this monitor as your primary choice. You can still consider looking at Asus or Dell 4K Monitors.

Hardware Ports: 1 HDMI Port, 1 DVI Port, 1 DisplayPort and 1 mini DisplayPort

Price: $666

GET IT: Acer S277HK from Amazon

Philips 288P6LJEB 4K Monitor

Ultra HD monitor from Philips that sports 3840 x 2160 screen resolution at 60 Hz frequency. It has 300 Cd/m brightness and has 1.07 billion colors for vivid, sharp picture quality. 1 ms Response Time and multi view feature allows you to dual connect and view 2 different PCs at same time. Landscape and Portrait modes allows you to program, play games and do various tasks easily with this 4K high resolution monitor.


This 4K monitor by Philips looks average in design and externally but has decent hardware, tech specification internally. Also the pricing is decent for this model.

philips 4k monitor review

Hardware Ports: VGA, DVI-Dual Link, DisplayPort 1.2, 1 HDMI (MHL), 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0 ports available.

Price: $530

GET IT: Philips 4K Monitor from Amazon

4K Compatible Cables for Monitors

It is important to choose the right HDMI Cable or DisplayPort cable to experience the 4K resolution. If you use a regular HDMI cable you had it in your shelf for long time, then you may not experience the Ultra HD Resolution with Mac or Windows. So make sure you choose the correct HDMI Cable which is latest and supports 4K resolution as well. Here we have some suggestion for you to buy.

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Cable Matters is a popular seller and we have some best 4K supported displayport cables for you to select.

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I hope you have found your 4K Display Monitor today from the hand picked list of displays from popular brands. As i mentioned, Asus is my top priority and next comes Dell, based on my personal user review and experience. At the end of the day, its you who is going to spend hours in front of the display every day. Either you purchase it for your Mac, Windows or Gaming purpose, choose wisely.

Feel free to write to us anytime in the comment box below, if you have any queries. Thanks for reading and considering our recommendation. Have a wonderful productive day.

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