Best and Free Magazine Reader Apps for iPad

Its not just going to be the Best, it is also Free. iPad has become my favorite gadget these days i cant keep this thing away when i sit on couch and go out on trip. Apps are everything in smartphones and tablets. We got to find the correct App that works perfectly and serves the contents as the purpose we have downloaded it for. After apple brought iPad to the world, we were able to see so many competitors bringing out tablets with their choice of name. Still, very few stand out and made some good impression, and people bought it. Apple also launched its latest tablet “The New iPad” with stunning Retina Display and features to stand out from the crowd for the next 1 year.

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Microsoft is getting ready to launch their Windows 8 Tablet probably by this year end, and iPad 3rd Generation is one serious competitor. Google Android installed Samsung Tablet is standing next in the row after Apple iPad as the best choice for people who like to choose an alternative to Apple iPad.

When we see so many tablets and smartphones are selling, then people buy it not just for making phone calls and use internet. People love to read and know things, that are happening around the world. News Apps for iPad and Magazine Apps for iPad will be the very first choice they will go for and we can find such news and magazine apps almost in every iPad.

Best Magazine Reader App for iPad

We got 2 popular Magazine Apps for you here today, to let you experience some great reading and learning. Simply read as much as you can every day and the iPad Apps will keep on pouring the content as you read. Guaranteed Fun and Enjoyment while reading through Apple iPad. It is even more and special when you read them through iPad 3 or The New iPad in Retina Display.


One of my favorite, not just to me, it becomes a favorite for many after using it for the first time. The simple design is what the big success of Flipboard. Complete categorized way to access your various choice of contents to read. Best recommendation from Facebook, Twitter friends and followers add more to your reading. Flipboard App for iPad is now also available for iPhone and iPod touch as well.

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Cover Stories, Thumbnail Images on Categories of Recent Posts, Swipe and Pinch enabled are making flipboard so easy to use. Flipboard now supports Instagram, that allows you to flip through your news feeds and articles from Google Reader, Tumblr, Flickr, 500px, Sina Weibo, Renren and LinkedIn.

Zite Personalized Magazine

Zite App for iPad and Zite App for iPhone is a free personalized magazine app that automatically learns while you use. While clicking on Retweet, Facebook Share and Like, Zite will learn what type of articles you like most and better serves them in front of that category. It pulls the articles from various websites, blogs, news portals and videos to let you discover more interesting contents every time you use.

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Experience another great personalized magazine app on your Apple iPad and iPhone today. We wrote about Zite App for iPad some time ago and you can read about it now.

Both works different, hence you can have these two Free Magazine Apps for iPad and keep yourself updated all the time. If you are looking for best feed reader for iPad then we have some news feed readers for iPad here.

Thanks for reading and keep reading on your iPad as well. Oh yes, you may now share this post with your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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