The New iPad to be Called as 3rd Generation iPad

The New iPad which was released during the Apple iPad Event March 2012, makes a lot of sense when it comes to the name for this fully loaded tablet beast. Initially it doesnt sound great, but when we think for a minute, this new iPad really suites well for long term after the iPad 2. Just may be to identify it better they have called it as The New iPad. When we visited their online apple store, it has mentioned Apple iPad (3rd Generation) similar to iPod Touch. So here after we can expect the iPad to continue with one name and only increase in the generation numbers.

The New iPad 2012 TV Ad

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Third Generation iPad

ipad 3rd generation

When the entire Web and Bloggers (including us) naming it as iPad 3 or iPad HD, Apple event really gave a big surprise by naming it as “The New iPad“. Why to name something strange or usual ? Let it be simple and easy to refer in future as well. That may be the thought came in their mind and this Apple tablet got a name with easy mention of its generation to call easily.

So the iPad 2 which i have is the second generation one, and the next year we can expect apple to launch their iPad 4th Generation with more processor, more RAM, more Graphics and whatever more that can be added 🙂 .

How to Pre order iPad 3 ?

Pre order iPad 3 Now, the official iPad page lets you Book your iPad right away.

It is tough to Win the naming contest when it comes to Apple, still it is an interesting one for Bloggers. During this event Apple has also released their new Apple TV 2012 and iOS 5.1 Download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that addresses various bug fixes and battery issue as well. New iPad 2012 also made some big buzz around Internet today.

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  1. its all confusing. when the CEO of the apple named as  ” the new ipad ” and now in store they are naming it as the third generation ipad 😛 Steve should be present here now . 

    1.  They should have tried to change the name atleast to make it unique as all the leaked reports for true this time. Just a last minute change they should have done i think 😀

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