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Apple has its way all the time since its been started. Everything comes handy only if you have a deterministic mentality and broad vision. Apple do had that both attributes, with which its been waving the number one flag in the entire arena they made their footprints. To look back and to start with the success story of Mac is quite interesting and a long way too. For that we must move towards 70’s when they started following their vision and a hard way long till 3 decades.

Apple’s growth is marginally growing on a higher scale only because of the reason that it have read the people’s need and their requirement. World’s most taught business tactics is to read the customer mind and his necessity. I don’t know who taught this to Apple team but they are doing it excellently since 1973.

Apple I

Apple I is the first released product from Steve Jobs as he got the order from The Byte Shop. Jobs purchased some hardware and electronics parts from a wholesale dealer an completed his first ever order of 50 machines on a stretch.

Apple II

This is been released by Steve Wozniak which is a successful mass ordered micro electronic product form apple computers. Apple II is the most successful release compared to the next Motorola 68000 in their Apple LISA. A lot more transitions and changes made on Apple II with some other attractive names though like Apple II plus, Apple II Europlus etc., All these models started walk through on market from 1976.

Apple III

Apple III is the first ever product from the Apple computers created in order to take down as a real time opponent of IBM computers. The best things of this release is a cooler fan in order to use the machine overcoming the heat generated by the electronic products inside it. Launched in early 1980’s.


Lisa is the first ever product by Apple and its is the bigger thing according to that time and people started admiring it. Initially started with lot of critics as this model is comprising of a simple xerox machine along with it. At that time it costs around $9,995 which quite a bigger rate ans so it didn’t clicked well in the market. But it stud as a great working model for the future releases. This model is launched on 1983.


Macintosh is yet another release from apple computer with some commercials in television and radio’s with a powerful marketing. Macintosh had a surprise to its buyers with an in built setup of Mac Write and Mac Paint a quite later Mac Office is been released too. Macintosh got many other following versions successively Macintosh Plus, Macintosh Plus ED, Macintosh 512Ke.  This model is Launched on 1984.

Macintosh II

Macintosh II came with the Motorola MC68020 and this is a highly successful model during its release on 1987. This is the first ever machine that started functioning on 32bit processor which is of high demand.

Macintosh Portable

So the first portable product from apple computers is this edition and it got a great response when it got launched on 1989. The CPU speed is 16Mhz and 256kb ROM. It came with an optional hard drive with 80Mb space and a floppy drive of 1 or 2 – 1.4 MB SuperDrive.


Powerbook is the first ever a laptop look alike device launched by apple computers on 1992. It works on Motorola MC68030 with a CPU Speed of  33 MHz. The hard drive space ranges from 80-160 Mb and a speaker/mic comes in built. It costs $2,160 and the model got terminated on 1994 july.

Macintosh Color classic

The first product that came with color monitor and got a great response among the public. Its been launched on 1993 with an exception from the classic II model with a larger case and compact design. Its a prototype for 10th anniversary Mac Computer.

Newton Message Pad 120

Newton Message Pad is the first micro product launched by apple computers which is a very unique thing those days. The year of launching is 1994 and this is a very compact medium for writing and transferring messages improved backup of  data to Mac or PC. This model is been sold for $599 during those days.

eMate 300

This model was designed on 1997 focusing the the education market. It is the first machine based on Newton Machine with a keyboard. eMate sold for $799 and this model have got many number of positive reviews. The CPU is based on ARM 710a with a CPU speed of 25 Mhz.


Announced and launched in 1998 majorly focused on low end consumer market and the design to attract many as the major goal is of internet usage. This version came along with a variety of features included along with it like many port attached and USB external ports also along with USB keyboard and mouse.

PowerBook G4

Generation four computer started waving from PowerBook. Announced and launched in 2001 mid of summer with a faster processing speed. Other than processing speed it also has graphics card, chip L2 cache, and a faster system bus. The configurations are 128 MB of RAM, 20GB hard disk and 512 MHz CPU speed.

iMac 17 inch

iMac was introduced on late 2002 and this made a cool visualization to the product. It came with following features as CD-RW/DVD-RW SuperDrive, an 80 GB hard drive, and 256 MB of RAM. It was priced at $1999, and was discontinued in January 2003.



iBook G4

This is the final transition from G3 to Generation 4 processor. This includes slot-load combo drive, extended graphics, USB 2.0, Bluetooth support, a faster bus and memory architecture. It started hitting market from 2003 and later it got discontinued on 2004.

iMac G5

iMac is the first machine to carry through an inbuilt  iSight camera with it. In addition to a slimmer, lighter case it also posses faster bus, faster processor, memory speed and a faster graphics chip set. You can  use it as a home media centre as it comes along with a remote and split timer. This model is launched on 2005.

MacBook Pro

This is the first release of Macintosh portable product in the year 2006 which runs on Intel processors. MacBook Pro is been named in order to reveal that apple product is no more running with PowerPC processors and entirely switched to Intel electronics. Also MacBook Pro is been enhanced with iSight camera in built, Thinner case for easy portability, remote control for home media center software, wireless reception and express card slot.

MacBook (Late 2007)

MacBook introduced in late 2007 say as end of November has some extended features compared to the pro model as its previous release. It offers extended bus speed and maximum RAM size together with upgraded graphics chip set. It came with three different configurations like

1. 2.0 GHz/1 GB RAM/80 GB HD/ComboDrive/White/ – $1099

2. 2.20 GHz/1 GB RAM/120 GB HD/SuperDrive/White/ – $1299

3. 2.20 GHz/1 GB RAM/160 GB HD/SuperDrive/Black/ – $1499

MacBook Air

MacBook Air is the first ever released in 2008 as the thinnest Apple Laptop ever released. Developer call it as a high end ultra portable system. Apart from all possible positive attributes under portability they need to sacrifice certain things which are treated as the advantages in Contemporary devices of Apple. Things like 2GB RAM which is not upgradable, smaller and thinner hard drive, and no firewire ports, ethernet ports, and no audio output.

MacBook Pro (2009)

This release held in early 2009 and with some more enhancements Macbook Pro made its re-entry into market with a lot of expectations. It got positive review like extended memory, class finishing, click- multi touch trackpad, faster Bus and two fully independent graphics chipsets. Built-in Battery is been introduced with this model replacing transferable battery. It gives 8hrs standby time on a single time charge.


This is the most anticipated device compared to any of the Apple products. With a lot of speculation for more than a decade iPad is been launched on early 2010. iPad have been marketed saying that it is more than just an iPhone and those of contemporary laptops. In order to increase the enhancements Apple have transferred certain Mac only iWork applications to iPad and made it even compatible than Mac devices. iPad works on the system chip A4 which is extremely energy efficient as it is of ARM cortex-9 CPU.

iPad 2

A very simple thought to enhance the previous version in a far better way. iPad 2 is been released on early 2011 with some outstanding features like front camera and rear camera to support 3G video calling and super fast A5 processor to support a long range usage without waiting for limited tasks to complete. This design is even more thinner than iPad. You can also avail some productive accessories for iPad2.

These are some extra ordinary transformation that Mac OS X had till date. Thanks for reading and if you like it, you may share it with your friends and followers across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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