How to Improve iOS 7.1 Battery Life ?

iOS 7.1 release came with tons of security and bug fixes. It also got performance improvements and tweaks overall that made iPhone 4 more usable once again. Slow speed issues, hangs and crashes made iPhone 4 and 4S users very upset with iOS 7. After installing iOS 7.1 users felt a great performance improvements and best battery backup as well. But its not the same case for all iPhone and iPad users. Some people totally frustrated with the battery life after installing iOS 7.1 in their iPhone and iPad. Specially with iPhone when they turn on 3G battery backup is horrible and like never before.


I am using iPhone 5 and after updating to iOS 7.1 via OTA from iOS 7.0.6 the battery life really got worse. Some of my friends reported the same issue as well. While we use 3G the battery drains faster but after iOS 7.1 update it started to drain super fast. So i thought to do a clean installation of iOS 7.1 in my iPhone 5 and for the past couple of days i am getting a good battery backup in WiFi and in 3G as well. Its far better than what i got couple of days ago.

iOS 7.1 Battery Improvement Tips

To know more about iOS 7.1 new features and bug fixes, checkout apple official webpage for iOS 7.1 which lists all of them clearly. Lets see some of the tips i like to suggest to you today to get a good battery juice in your iPhone after installing iOS 7.1.

Clean Installation of iOS 7.1

Go for clean installation of iOS 7.1 on your iPhone or iPad if you have updated via OTA from previous version. This should help in most cases and you can download iOS 7.1 via direct links from apple servers.

Time to do some regular tweaks in your iOS 7.1 settings to get a good battery life. You might have done the steps already if you have used iOS 7. If you are new iPhone or iPad users who have installed iOS 7.1 and getting poor battery life, then these tips should help you.

Turn ON Reduce Motion

Turn ON “Reduce Motion” under “Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion“. This will turn off (parallax effect) the zoom in and zoom out effect that you get by default in your iOS 7 while tapping on any Apps or while getting back to home screen.

Turn OFF Location Services

Turning OFF Location Services will help you get best battery life. Apps can run in background and consume more battery by using Location Services feature in your iPhone. So use it only when you need it and keep it turned off in other times to save battery.

Use Force Close Apps

iOS 7 by default good at suspending apps that are left open and not in use. Still, some apps use Network Resources and Location services from the background and consumes more battery juice. So the best option is, force closing all the apps that are not in use and left in the background. Double tap your home button and swipe up the apps window that you don’t want to run in the background. Keep that area empty all the time to get good battery life.

Avoid using Dynamic Wallpapers

Apple has introduced dynamic wallpapers in iOS 7 and it is very attractive. When you go in battery saving mode this is not at all an attractive choice for your iPhone 🙂 . So its time to stop using Dynamic wallpapers and start using some wallpapers you have downloaded from Internet or took in your iPhone camera.

Turn OFF App Store Automatic Updates

iOS 7 has another interesting feature which is called Background app updates. All your installed Apps will be updated automatically whenever developer pushes new updates to App Store. Which means, your iPhone will check the App Store regularly to know whether any updates available for the apps you have installed or not. This will consume some amount of battery and it is advisable to turn off this feature.

You can turn off automatic app updates from “Settings -> iTunes and App Store -> Automatic Downloads” and tap on “Updates” to turn it off.

Turn OFF Background App Refresh

Go to “Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh” and turn off this feature to prevent apps refresh automatically in background which may use Network Resources, GPS, and other services. This will save some good amount of battery juice as well.

It is really not good to suggest to turn off all the features which makes no sense of using the smartphone. The above suggested tips will help you get a decent battery life and remember the first step, which is doing a fresh installation of iOS 7.1 in your iPhone. You may follow other steps even after doing clean installation to get a better battery backup.

Dont let iOS 7.1 battery drain problem trouble your daily smartphone usage. Follow our recommended tips and if you feel any more important step to be added then feel free to add it in your comment below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers. Have a wonderful day.

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